You may have heard about a secret phone tracker but many of us may have the right information and knowledge about it. In simple words, a secret phone tracker is an app or software that can be installed in a smart phone. It helps in tracking the movements of the person who are using such phones. It has a number of capabilities including ability to track incoming and outgoing calls with numbers, tracking of messages, browsing sites and many other such activities that happen in today’s smart phones. Does A Phone Need Secret Phone Tracker?

This is a common question that comes to the minds of many people. They would like to know whether there is a need for such a device or app in your phone. The answer would depend on the persons who are planning to use such a device.

It may not be possible to give a straight answer to this because it is individual centric and depends on the specific needs and requirements. Normally a phone can work perfectly well without a phone tracker and this is an additional software or device that gets added to the smart phones.

What Is A Secret Phone Tracker? 

A secret phone tracker is an app or a small device that can be implanted or installed in a smart phone. The device has the capacity to track the movements of a person whether he or she is stationary or on the move. It is a simple yet extremely effective device that can perform a number of tasks. It can track outgoing and incoming calls, messages, and monitor browsing activities, and also keeps a tab of sites being visited using the smart phone and also scan messages that are received and sent on various social media platforms.

Hence, it would not be wrong to call this a complete and total snooping device that can take care of any kind of activity that is happening when the mobile phone is stationary or on the move.

Why You Need An Android Secret Phone Tracker?

Most of the smart phones that are used in the world today have Android operating systems. Therefore, there is obviously a growing demand for android secret phone trackers. It has many uses. To begin with it can help in tracing out your phone in case you have lost it or misplaced it. Apart from the above, a good android secret phone tracker  can also help you with the following:

  • It can help to check on your family.
  • You can keep in touch with your friends.
  • If you are an employer and would like to keep an eye on the employee these devices could come in handy.
  • You can protect data from pilferage, phishing and other threat especially if you are an entrepreneur employing many people.

Why Is It Convenient To Use Snoopza The Hidden Phone Monitor?

We will be talking about Snoopza in some detail because it is regarded as one of the best phone tracking devices and apps for Android phone users. There are quite a few benefits and we are happy to share a few of them so that our readers can get some idea about it:

  1. It can help in viewing the android browsing history. You will be able to remotely keep a track of your children or employees and find out more about the websites visited by them.
  2. You also will be able to have a complete history of messages received and sent by Viber, Facebook, Messenger and other such popular social media sites.
  3. The location of your smartphone can be identified.
  4. The outgoing and incoming call history of the android phone user can also be recorded.
  5. It also can help to get details video recordings and audio recordings that happen on the Android smart phones.

Reasons to Download an Undetectable Spy App for Android

If you do your research and install the right phone monitor or tracker, you may believe that Snoopza is a brand that has become quite popular. It is being used by scores of individuals, corporate houses and others.

With so many choices available, many customers still continue to put their belief on Snoopza because of a number of reasons. We are sharing a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

Snoopza comes in handy for enhancing, corporate safety, the safety of children as mentioned above and also for maintaining the safety and sanctity of marriages. It is therefore considered to be a single stop solution for all corporate, individual and other tracking and snooping needs.

Phone Tracker Snoopza

Why Is It Convenient To Use Hidden Phone Monitor Snoopza?

Many end users are happy to choose Snoopza over other such apps because of a few obvious reasons. To begin with it is reputed and has stood the test of time. Further, it can easily be downloaded and installed on any android smart phone. Most importantly it is extremely user friendly. Once it has been installed discreetly in a smart phone, you will find it convenient to use the various features.

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What Are The Main Free Features of Snoopza That Are Useful?

  • Keep a track of incoming and outgoing messages, SMS and other messages.
  • Being able to capture full details of internet activity and browser activity.
  • Tracking & Monitoring of social networks.
  • Remote controlling of the phone

What Are The Paid Features of Snoopza In Hidden Phone App?

  • It can help track incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It has powerful GPRS tracking facility that can track the movement of persons.
  • It also can let you know about video calls and audio calls that are being made from the smart phone.
  • All the free features mentioned in the previous paragraph are also available.

The Pros And Cons Of Such A Hidden Phone Tracker Snoopza


  • Monitor a person or child round the clock.
  • Get exact details of the person who you are tracking
  • Block access to some sites especially if you are monitoring our child’s activities.
  • Get full details calls, texts and messages going in and out of the smart phone.
  • Improve study habits of child by reducing phone usage time.


  • You may develop a trust deficit with your child.
  • Some people may consider it an intrusion into their privacy.
  • Children who are aware of such tracking may tend to become withdrawn and silent.


Though it would ideally be a good idea to stay away from the use of such tracking and snooping apps, at times, it does become necessary. It could come in handy for employers, parents and others if they have reasons to believe that something is going amiss and wrong. The secret phone tracker from Snoopza has a number of interesting benefits and advantages.

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