A rich American pays two million dollars to stay young at the age of 18

A rich American pays two million dollars to stay young

Brian Johnson, a 45-year-old American billionaire, has exposed that he invests two million dollars annually to regain his youthfulness so as to maintain the semblance of being 18 years old no matter what age he is. This undertaking involves 30 doctors within the “Blueprint” project.

As reported by the British newspaper, “The Independent”, Johnson sticks to a vegetarian diet with maximum calories of 1977 daily.

Johnson also takes two-dozen vitamins, supplements, and medications – such as zinc and a low dose of lithium for his mental wellbeing – in addition to subjecting himself to multiple medical procedures including blood tests, MRIs , ultrasounds, and colonoscopies; many of which can be quite painful.

Johnson expressed his enthusiasm for physical appearance, admitting that he regularly engaged in cosmetic treatments including weekly acid peels and dermal filler injections.

Johnson boasted that, based on the periodic data collected from his vital organs, he had been able to reduce his biological age down to 37 years.