Let’s face it: given the option of eating yogurt and fruit for breakfast vs. Krispy Kreme donuts, everyone is going to want to eat the glazed donut. No one really prefers a salad over a burger and fries. And do you think any human wants to walk past the Cinnabon in the mall with that delicious cinnamon bun smell and say “no thank you”? The entire world is a constant barrage of things we should say no to and it has become a question of willpower. How many times can you drive past that McDonald’s without stopping? How often can your company provide cookies or cake in the office before you take one? For anyone attempting to live a healthy life, it’s pure torture.

It’s no secret that America is facing a health crisis as obesity rates and all of the diseases related to it continue to rise. The readily available processed and sugar-laden food that everyone has become accustomed to is constantly bombarding people as a much more appealing option than a salad or other healthy options. It seems like for every healthy food option, there are a dozen more delicious and fun foods that you’d prefer to eat.

However, as the general health of America continues to deteriorate, more and more health-oriented businesses are opening up to offer alternatives to the many delicious (and fattening) options that sending an onslaught of temptation to our senses. While New York City might be home to America’s best pizza and bagels, they also have the highest number of gyms and juice bars, according to this study. And Los Angeles might have some of the trendiest foodie options in the US, but it also has the highest number of nutritionists and farmer’s markets. 

Of course, living in either of these cities means you’re going to be confronted with even more delicious food options than normal, but at least you’ll have to walk by a gym on your way to pick up Chinese takeout or you’ll pass a juice bar on your way to your weekly brunch spot. It’s better than nothing! And of course, should you ever choose to forgo the eggs benedict and opt for a smoothie and an early morning run, there are plenty of places for you to choose from. It’s a little ironic that the cities we most associate with fabulous food are also home to the most professionals educated to counteract our lack of control when it comes to cupcakes and good Italian, but hey, at least we have resources!

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