Are you planning a trip to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona? It’s a beautiful and relaxing place, and packing all the essentials is vital to enjoying your trip! What should you bring? Here’s a list to get you started!

1. Hiking Items

Explore the outdoors and see the beautiful red rocks and green cacti iconic to Arizona. Make sure to pack comfortable hiking shoes you can walk in and can get muddy or dirty. Bring a water bottle that is light and keeps water cold in hot environments. There are many amazing water bottles which have a thermal technology to keep it cold that you can get for not too much money. When you’re out, bring a hat to protect your head, hair, and face from the scorching sun.

Hiking Items

2. Golf Clubs and Supplies

Scottsdale is known for being a great place to golf year-round, so hopefully that’s part of your trip. For best results, bring your own golf clubs to get your best scores. Find a mallet putter that feels right to you and offers the right setup to alignment.

Golf Clubs

3. Summer Clothes

Pack light, breathable loose-fitting clothes to keep you comfortable and cool.that are loose-fitting. You will want something airy to wear that will keep you cool.Bright and light colors tend to hold in the heat less than dark colors, which is the fashion trends you will see most people wearing. The all black get-up doesn’t work well in the dry heat. Bring some extra layers if you go during the winter or to wear inside sometimes during the summer because Arizona has great air conditioning systems that can get very cool.

Summer Clothes

4. Swimming Materials

You will see pools in most neighborhoods and houses, so it’s a great time to kick back with a drink by the pool. Bring a couple bathing suits so you have some options if one is still wet. If you take your swimming time seriously, pack those goggles and swim cap to get that exercise in during your vacation. And don’t forget your sunblock and a hat to keep your skin protected!

Swimming Materials

5. Car Necessities

The heat can wear out your car fast, so it’s important to take care of it. Bring a obd2 monitor to make sure your engine doesn’t overheat and to give you peace of mind that you and your caryou will be safe. Pack water and snacks in the car just in case you get stopped and to keep you hydrated while on the road. Being in the hot sun even while in your car can sometimes cause a sunburn, heat stroke, and even skin cancer so also bring sunscreen for your drive in the car, as well as any shade or sun blockers you can use inside your vehicle.

Scottsdale is a great place to vacation, and we hope you have the best trip ever! Taking time to make sure you pack what you need ensures less stress and worry once you’re on vacation. Enjoy your trip!


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