The difference between his eldest and youngest children is 51 years.. Robert De Niro has a seventh child at the age of 79!

American actor Robert De Niro, 79, revealed that he recently welcomed his seventh child, making the difference between his oldest and youngest children 51 full years.

During an interview with ET Canada , host Brittney Blair told De Niro, “I know you have 6 kids,” to which he interrupted, “Seven kids, actually I just had a baby.”

The American actor also revealed that the difference between his oldest children, actress and model Drina De Niro, is 51 years old.

The American actor confirmed that he deals with all his children with love, because he believes in that, but sometimes he is strict about some things.

He explained, “I mean, there’s no way to get around it with the kids, I don’t like having to enforce the law and things like that, but sometimes you don’t have a choice.”

 name, PageSix newspaper , which specializes in celebrity news, predicted that the child would be the son of “Tai Chi” trainer Tiffany Chi, whom he met in 2015 during the filming of The Intern.

Or maybe it’s his new baby from his mysterious new girlfriend whom the media caught him walking with and holding her hand on a rocky runway in the Riviera region in southern France, during his 78th birthday celebration.

De Niro has two children from his first wife, Diane Abbott: Drina De Niro (51 years) and Rafael De Niro (46 years), and from his second wife, actress Grace Hightower, he has Elliott (25 years) and Helen (11 years), from which he separated after 20 years of marriage.

While he has twins, Aaron and Julian De Niro, with his girlfriend, actress Tokie Smith, at the age of 28. 


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