Robert De Niro’s Home was Broken Into While He Was inside!

He heard a noise and went out in a bathrobe

Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro / Social Media

Global media revealed that the home of actor Robert De Niro was burgled by a woman who tried to steal Christmas gifts

In the details, the New York Police spotted a 30-year-old woman entering through the basement door of a house in the upscale Upper East Side neighborhood, and she was under surveillance,  and had been arrested several times following previous robberies. 

It turned out that the house belongs to the super star actor De Niro, who is famous for his roles in films depicting his city, such as Taxi Driver or Mean Streets .

A police spokesman explained that they entered and found “the woman in the living room” while she was “stealing property”.

“ABC News” and “NBC News” reported that the suspect was stealing gifts from in front of the Christmas tree, when the police surprised her. The police reported that they apprehended her peacefully.

According to NBC, upon arrival, police officers found Robert De Niro “in a bathrobe” after he heard a suspicious noise in the area