You have opened this article to relax a bit, read something interesting, and to get into philosophy and the branches of the theory of existentialism are probably not something you expected to come across. But if you do not feel like the happiest person in the entire world, it is our mission to fix it and drag you out from the pit of sadness. The writing experts from present five rules of happy life from Robin Sharma.

Who is Robin Sharma? He is a Canadian writer who knows the secrets of a successful and happy life. That is all you need to know. So, if the recipe for happiness actually exists, what are the ingredients?

Rule #1 for Being Happy: Throw Trash Away

It is not just usual trash we’re talking about, it concerns all those unnecessary things you keep at home and think you are going to use them one day. Let us just admit – a little hoarder lives inside every one of us. That is why we collect nostalgic trash (everything that has a sentimental value for us but has no practical use), sale trash (all the garbage we have bought just because it was on sale and not because we actually needed it), and free trash (something we have got as a present or souvenir which is not even cute enough to be put on the kitchen shelf).

How to be happy with your life? Throw all of the trash away. Robin Sharma suggests dedicating 10 minutes to cleaning your home every day. Firstly, it helps with daily stress and makes you more relaxed. Secondly, you finally won’t be ashamed to ask someone over because of your messy apartment.

“The Happy Life” Rule #2: Find Time for Friends

A massive psychological study has reported that people who spend most of the time alone tend to develop depression inclinations and they are significantly less happy than those who are socially active. Friends and human interaction in all forms are essential components of our mental health and emotional stability.

Do not forget to wish a happy birthday to your friends, do not ditch the invitations to go out, you are just a human, you deserve to have fun. Social interaction is among our primal biological needs. And article review you are assigned to write is not in this list, by the way. So just go to our cool website, ask our professional team for help, and be as free as a bird.

How to Live a Happy Life? Rule #3: Report to Yourself

We are the strictest judges of our behavior, words, and looks. Now, it is time to turn this peculiarity into an advantage. Report to yourself about your everyday achievements and results of your work. This trick will make you more productive. The writer suggests to divide your workday into 1,5-hour periods and dedicate this time to different activities besides studying.

Rule #4: Fix the Money Issue in Your Head for Happy Living

It is a painful topic which makes us unhappy and depressed all the time. The thing is that money CAN buy happiness. You just need to find a balance just like Robin Sharma did. He usually spends money on necessary stuff, however, a little squandering won’t hurt as well. So, if the cup of super tasty yet super expensive coffee will make you happy for twenty minutes, then go for it.

How to Be Happier? Rule #5: Master the Art of Nonchalance

One of the best ways to be happy is not to care. But that is easier said than done. There are so many moments in our lives which push us into thinking that we are screwed and everything around us is nothing but disaster. How can you fix it? Read this book, and you will understand one of the main rules for a happy life.

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