If you’re working in an office and deal with a pest problem, it can be frightening and disheartening. You and your coworkers should leave as soon as possible to prevent cross-contamination of the pest problem. Many pests can attach to your clothing and shoes, allowing you to make the problem worse by either bringing them home or tracking them throughout the office building. Understanding how to evacuate the office when infected with pests is essential for ensuring that the problem does not get worse and you get the help that your office needs.

1. Watch Your Step

When leaving the office after dealing with a pest problem, it is essential that you watch your step. Pests can virtually be anywhere and everywhere, especially if the infestation is very bad. What this means is that you don’t want to step on the bugs or pests present and then track them outside or to another area of the building. In a worst case scenario, you may even track the pests home with you after a long day of work and then deal with a problem in your house.

2. Brush Off Your Clothing

Brushing off your clothing can get rid of any waste, bugs or eggs that might be present. For example, if your office has roaches, ants or bed bugs, these critters can attach to your clothing and you can bring them around without even being aware of it. Brushing or shaking off your clothing upon leaving the office can help to dislodge many of the bugs or eggs that are on you and can prevent you from tracking them to other areas.

3. Have the Office Inspected

It is essential that you have the office inspected by a company like TPC Building Inspections Gold Coast because they are able to do the job for you. This inspection can check for any type of pest problem and give you an idea of how bad the infestation really is. It is essential to have the office inspected regularly, but especially after you are dealing with a pest problem. This can also give you the incentive to hire an extermination company so that they can get the pests out of there for good.

4. Don’t Return Until Extermination is Performed

If the pest problem is very bad, you need to have the bugs or rodents exterminated immediately for several reasons. For one, it is not safe for you or your coworkers to be in the office working while there is a bad pest problem. Likewise, you want to make sure that extermination is performed to prevent the problem from getting worse or from you tracking the pests around without even being aware of it. There are lots of professional exterminators able to do the job for you in a way that is beneficial and affordable for you.

5. Don’t Leave Food Behind

Most pests love food that is left behind in an office. If there is a pest problem, one way to prevent it getting worse is to remove the source of food that they may be living on while there. If you’re evacuating, removing the food can prevent the problem from getting worse while you are not there. This is essential and should be done for all types of food in the office, even items that are sealed or packaged as the pests can eat their way through the plastic packaging.

6. Take All of Your Items with You

By taking all of your items with you, you’re preventing the pests from crawling into and around your belongings. This could mean a jacket that you typically leave in the office, essentials or a handbag. This prevents the pests from crawling all over the items and making the problem worse. It also allows the inspection to go well and for the exterminator to do the job needed without your belongings having to be thrown out in the process of having all of the work done.

7. Shake Out Purses and Bags

You should always shake out purses and bags to ensure that nothing is inside of them. This can prevent you from bringing the pests in the car or home where they can become a problem there as well. This should be done before leaving the office and before you can get an exterminator in there to eradicate the problem for you. This professional can do the work for you, but it is important that you do not have any type of item left behind that can get ruined with the process.

8. Don’t Panic

Panicking is a problem if you’re dealing with pests. If you notice a pest problem, it is best to simply leave the office and get everyone on board with you. You will then want to contact an inspector as well as an exterminator so that you can get the work done when it is needed the most.

9. Call an Exterminator Immediately

Getting an exterminator in there immediately is essential for eradicating the problem and ensuring that you are able to get everything repaired and cleaned as soon as possible. The sooner that you call the exterminator, the better off you are going to be.

10. Get Everyone on Board

It is essential that you get everyone on board if there is a pest problem present. The more people who are aware of the problem, the more precautions can be taken when it comes to leaving the office and preventing the problem from getting worse. It is essential that you call in the pros right away so that they are able to inspect and exterminate as needed. You will enjoy what this can do for you and why so many people have chosen to make use of the experts when trying to get rid of the pests that they might have within the office they are currently working.


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