Ryan Reynolds sells his company, Mint Mobile, for $1.35 billion

Ryan Reynolds sells his company

The famous Canadian/American actor Ryan Reynolds sold his company ” Mint Mobile was acquired by T-Mobile , in a deal worth $1.35 billion.

The transaction includes T-Mobile’s acquisition of Ka’ena Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Mint Mobile , Ultra-mobile , and Plum

The company statement indicated that the owner and spokesperson for Mint Mobile , Reynolds, will continue in his role, and will realize a gain of $337.5 million from the completion of the sale.

It is worth noting that Reynolds, who played the role of the company’s marketer in commercials, owns about 25 percent of Mint Mobile.

Reynolds is among the few stars who have achieved massive success outside of Hollywood. In 2020, he sold his liquor company, Aviation Gin, for $335 million upfront, and an additional $275 million, depending on the company’s performance in the coming years.

In 2021, Reynolds and producer Rob McElhinney bought Wrexham AFC Football Club for $2.5 million, according to Forbes .