If you are a pet owner that enjoys taking your fluffy friend out on adventures, chances are that you would be travelling by car. While many of us are clued up on safety rules for people in the car, we may not be as familiar with the rules for our dogs. To ensure a safe drive with your dog be sure to be clued up on these important safety tips.

Keep your dog restrained whilst driving

According to a survey Tyre Pros conducted, 22.5% of the respondents admitted to not securing their dog properly when they are driving. This is actually in violation of Rule 57 of the Highway Code, where it states that ‘all motorists should ensure that their dog, or any other animal, is suitably restrained so that they do not cause a distraction while you are driving’. This is to prevent any distractions that would cause unwanted injuries. While disobeying the code may not cause you to end up in jail, you could still get fined up to £1000.

Driving with Your Dog

Carry a first aid kit along with you

While driving with your pet dog, you should carry the first aid kit along with you. In this first aid kit, all pet medications should be there.

Before you travel with your pet, you can even ask for some more travel advice from your vet. Besides, if you notice that your pet dog is getting unruly or somewhat anxious, then you can give it a sleep aid.

Avoid feeding your pet before the trip is about is start

Make sure that your pet dog does not eat anything before the road trip get to start. Or you can feed your pet several hours’ right before the trip starting time.

Your pet may get carsick if you feed him one hour or two hours before the road trip time. Hence, to avoid this car sickness, it is important for you to keep your pet stomach empty.

Keep your pet micro-chipped

Moreover, you have to keep your pet dog micro-chipped or tagged. If your pet is equipped with some tag or high-tech microchip, then it will always be easy for you to track or find it in case it gets separated from you.

As you are visiting places that your pet may not be familiar with, micro-chipping or putting a tag on your dog is a prevention for when your dog gets lost during the road trip.

Train your pet dog to not be fearful of car rides

Before you go on a long journey, you should go for a few short trips to familiarize your dog with a car journey. This is to build their confidence when in a car and hopefully, build a tolerance and not to get carsick easily. Eventually, your dog might even learn to associate a car journey with an adventure and gets excited for the road trip.


It is crucial for you to take care of this furry companion if you have taken him along with you on your car, so familiarize yourself with the highway codes and all the preparation tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey

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