Not only is it true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; as time passes, our tastes and preferences change. What might have been eye-pleasing 30 years ago may not have the same effect today. Thankfully, you don’t need extensive experience to do a home renovation.

If instead of relying on the professionals, you decide that you can do a project involving bathroom equipment from an online store like or somewhere else on your own, you should be wary of several things. Though a home renovation project is not beyond your abilities, you might get injured if you lack the necessary foresight. This article will show you how to go through a home renovation project unscathed. Let’s go!


Overconfidence in one’s strength is one of the most common causes of injuries. It doesn’t matter if you can easily bench three plates – it won’t make you less of a man if you ask for help. Carrying heavy loads in uncomfortable positions is a recipe for disaster. Even if the weight isn’t intimidating, it is essential to retain a proper technique. If you are renovating your own home, then chances are, you would like to be done with the job as soon as possible. Try not to overwork yourself too much. Your body needs breaks to continue the heavy lifting. If you forget about it, the entire project might get delayed for a long time.

Be careful

It might be pretty challenging to maintain awareness of your surroundings during the more tedious tasks, but it is crucial to avoid getting injured. You won’t get lost in a train of thought during a task that could quickly decrease the numbers of fingers at your disposal. The lack of apparent danger of more mundane tasks might be a two-edged sword. You won’t retain the same level of focus, and thus the possibility of accidentally hitting something will increase.

Although ladders are infamous because supposedly they bring bad luck to their unsuspecting victims, they are more versatile than you think. If you climb a ladder too hastily, you can also break one of your bones! If you’d rather remain in a healthy condition, be careful when dealing with ladders. Ensure that it sits on firm ground and that the slightest breeze won’t cause it to collapse. While you are working, hold it with one hand and avoid leaning over to reach things that are just a bit too far away.

Ask for help!

Don’t be afraid to admit that something is just outside of your area of expertise. The internet is littered with countless tutorials describing how to tie a tie or how to construct an IED. It can be a source of unlimited knowledge, but keeping a healthy dose of common sense is advised. There are things, which in the event of failure may waste some of your time and effort. Others though may cost you much more. You must be able to differentiate between those two.

If you need to deal with electricity, and you don’t consider yourself to be an expert, then don’t try your luck, and call the professionals. There’s no shame in knowing what you can and what you can’t do, and there’s no pride in being irresponsible. No matter how much the project will improve the aesthetics of your home, it is not worth risking your life.

The poisons

Properly dealing with dangerous substances is another thing that should be left for the professionals to handle. A proper response will require personal protective equipment but also extensive knowledge about the dos and don’ts of dealing with poison. Poison? Unfortunately, some of the materials that in the past were used to build homes have proven to be extremely dangerous when handled irresponsibly. 

Asbestos is one of them. If left undisturbed, it is not a health hazard. The problem with it is that usually it is mixed with other materials, making it harder to guess whether we are at risk or not. If you have doubts, it’s best to contact the experts; otherwise, you’ll be risking your health.

If you intend to do some painting, you should also be wary of lead paint. Although not as dangerous as asbestos, being exposed to the minuscule particles of lead can lead to health problems. If the lead paint was used, you must remember to wear appropriate protection.

You only live once

If you follow step-by-step tutorials that can be found on the internet, you should be able to implement most of your potential ideas successfully. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars, but don’t forget to hold the ladder with one hand. Your beautifully renovated kitchen will be for nought if you don’t live to see the end result. Focus on one thing at a time, follow the plan, and your chances of staying unbruised will drastically rise.


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