Sam Neill reveals he has leukemia (The Jurassic Park’ star)

Sam Neill reveals he has leukemia

Actor Sam Neill, 75, best known for his role in the “Jurassic Park” films, revealed that he was diagnosed with stage three leukemia .

Neal detailed his illness in the first chapter of his book, Did I ever tell you this ?

Neil explained in an interview with the British newspaper, “The Guardian” that his health is improving, but he will have to continue treatment until the end of his life.

Jurassic Park

“I can’t pretend I haven’t had my share of dark moments over the past year,” he continued, referring to his diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2022.

He continued, “In the midst of darkness and fear, I have discovered a newfound gratitude for all that my life has given me. I am infinitely thankful to be alive with family and friends by my side.”

Sam Neill was known for his role as paleontologist Alan Grant in several parts of “Jurassic Park”, the first of which was in 1993.

 The actor, who began his long career in front of the camera in the 1970s, is preparing for a new role in a TV movie based on the novel by Australian Lianne Moriarty.

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