There are various situations when a nasal obstruction surgery becomes essential for restoring and improving the function of the nasal passageways. These include reasons like ageing, past surgery or an injury in the nose. The process of nasal reconstruction for removing nasal airway obstruction is typically related to septoplasty and is useful in gaining right breathing resulting due to different conditions.

Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction may also be combined with the other medical procedures for enhancing the shape or modifying the size of the nose. You may reach out to the experts to know more about the different options for fixing nasal obstruction.

Why you need a nasal reconstruction surgery

If there is a nasal passage block due to any reason, it results in the partially or drastically reduction of the airflow. People affected with nasal obstruction constantly feel affected by a feeling of stuffiness or congestion. Reshaping and reconstruction of nasal passages help in restoring normal airflow.

Various reasons for leading to blockage of nasal pathways

Nasal septum becomes crooked:  Many reasons account for the nasal pathways obstructions. One of them is that the nasal septum becomes crooked down the middle on the inside. This can occur due to an old injury or genetics. When the septum deviates, it causes problems in breathing and congestion. In such a condition, the plastic surgeon follows the procedure of septoplasty.

Swelling of nasal turbinate: This is another reason for nasal airway obstruction. Turbinate are large bones covered with tissue which gets enlarged in response to irritants in the environment. These also get swollen in response to various changes in humidity and air temperature or illness like sinusitis. Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction correction surgery helps repair swelling due to chronic inflammation.

Ageing: This is one of the significant reasons for nasal obstruction. This happens because the nasal cartilage gets weakened with senility. It loses its resistance to the effects of gravity. Due to this, the sides of the nose collapse inwards; resulting in obstruction of nasal pathways.

Complications due to an earlier surgery also result in the reduction of airflow. In such a case, a revision rhinoplasty alongside a nasal obstruction correction surgery is required. As the form and the function of the nose are interrelated, the correction for aesthetic reasons also helps in correcting the function of the nose. Very surgery may differ in its specifics but the primary objective is to achieve better airflow.

Septoplasty is also performed for removing nasal polyps and treating Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction. It also helps in preventing recurrent nasal bleeds.

What to Expect?

When your physician recommends a septoplasty for you, a nurse or a specialist doctor is going to examine you. They would review all the details and answer all your queries.

The medical specialist may also ask the patient undergoing the surgery to complete several tests like a blood test, electrical heart tracing or X-ray.

The physician is also going to ask you various questions about your health, medications you are consuming, and allergies you are prone to.

When you enter the hospital for surgery, you will meet an aesthetician who will explain to you the various elements of anaesthesia.

Preparation of septoplasty

The Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction correction surgery involves the administration of general anaesthesia. The aesthetician puts the patient to sleep during the surgery. Surgeons also choose intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia after discussing the same with the patient.

It is advisable that the patient does not eat, drink or also not chew gum post the surgery for a specific amount of time and also a night before the operation.

The nurse or the doctor is going to give further instructions on how and when you should take medications week before surgery.

For reducing the risk of bleeding, the doctors ask the person to refrain from using blood-thinning medications for up to a week before surgery.

The plastic surgeon is going to reshape the bone and the cartilage and this process may sometimes involve removing partition of these tissues.

Surgeons may use radiofrequency for countering the swelling of large turbinate causing nasal obstruction. In certain case, the surgeon may also remove a portion of the turbinate.

Recovery and outcomes of surgery for Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction

The healing process for surgery for nasal pathway reconstruction is similar to the procedure of recovering from rhinoplasty. There can be bruising as well as swelling initially. When these dissipate, there is an enhancement in the functioning of the nasal passages. Most of the people can start noticing the benefits almost immediately.

85 per cent of the people can experience improvement in the airflow after surgery. Generally, people feel drowsy after surgery. Some may also get nausea due to anaesthesia. There may be pain after the procedure. If something is bothering you, make sure you report it to the nurse or your doctor. Your doctor knows the right medications for soothing of the condition.

The right aftercare and removal of splints if placed is necessary after a septoplasty for Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction treatment. Make sure, your doctor emphasizes on the same.

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