Our world is full of smells, and not all of them are good. Luckily for us, there is a scented candle for just about any occasion. Scented candles are beautiful, easy to use, and not only do they light up a space with beautiful natural light, but they fill a room with scents that can be inviting, invigorating, relaxing, or delicious, depending on the vine you are looking for.

Scented Candles Create Ambiance

There is nothing more delightful than a room filled with the gorgeous swaying flames of a scented candle. Those dancing flames can create a certain sense of comfort, hominess, authenticity, and even romance. The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to scent.

One of our favorite vibes to create, a perfect example of scent sewing,  is a comfortable and welcoming company. We love human connection, and welcoming people into our home can be both stressful and delightful.

However, it doesn’t have to be. Let candles do the heavy lifting for you by creating scent zones that sew together to create a comfortable, comforting feel that your guest will just never want to leave!

For scent zones, we suggest that you choose candles that will enhance the smell of your cooking and fresh baked goods and enhance the different feelings and even emotions you want your guests to experience when moving through your home. We like to blend this into three zones in the house’s central part with three different scents. A brand like Devon Wick offers products that help you maintain the scent of a room. It is essential to have the smell circulate the room as long as it can to give the ambiance you are looking for.

Zone One

By the front entryway, we set the vibe with something soft like clean laundry or warm vanilla in a pinch because of its peaceful and welcoming attributes.

The entryway is a vital area to pay attention to scent. If your guest arrive and all they can smell is your cat’s litterbox, they don’t feel like the space will be very welcoming and instead will feel on edge worried if the space is clean or not.

You want your guest to take a big whiff and say to themselves, “Oh my goodness, their house smells so good!” A smell like that will help set them up for having the best time.

Vanilla, citrus, and lavender all make wonderful entryway scents. read the full info here.

Zone Two

Moving towards the living room, we would find something complimentary to our entryway candle, but with a bit more smokiness and a woodsy feel. This will help create the vibe of lush comfort and get people feeling cozy without having a fireplace.

When considering scents for zone two, in the evening, we suggest cedar and cigar smoke. You can also try out ode wood and patchouli. If it’s a beautiful summer day, then we like smells that invoke nostalgia like beachy, suntan lotion, and or the smell of fresh-cut grass. Both of these smells are powerful and will help transport all who smell them to a place of comfort.

Zone Three

As we round out to the dining area/cooking area, we like to focus on scents that you would enjoy while eating. Nothing too sweet, but something that delights the pallet could be a hint of citrus or a handle with an herbaceous base like basil or oregano. This will elevate your meal and get attendees excited and interacting with the meal.

Following a zone theme when entertaining takes scent, a natural part of our lives, and wields it like decor to add a layer to the space’s atmosphere. Even the smallest, most uninspiring space can come to life with just a little bit of scent play. The candlelight doesn’t hurt either!


Candles, Candles, Everywhere

In conclusion, if you are searching for the perfect candle? You are just a stone’s throw from just about any department store that is guaranteed to have them in stock. Be sure to check for quality ingredients. Not all candles are made the same. Some are filled with chemicals that may not be healthful to some in your family.

Buy from brands you trust which only use quality ingredients and take pride in their products, and you’ll be able to fill your house with mesmerizing scents.