Schwarzenegger about his harassment of women during 3 decades: I behaved badly .. I am deeply sorry

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former famous actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has re-examined historical allegations of sexual harassment in a new documentary series about his life and career, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilder and film actor, and later a governor of the US state of California.

Shortly before his re-election as governor of California, in 2003, the Los Angeles Times published a report on allegations of sexual harassment of six women over three decades.

But Schwarzenegger rejected those accusations at the time, before finally admitting in a documentary that will be shown this week that he “behaved badly.”

In the documentary, he says: “It is true that I was participating in a group of noisy films, and I did things that were not right. I thought they were fun things at the time,” according to what was reported by the “Guardian”.

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