Schwarzenegger angers environmental advocates… Whatdid he do?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The American actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was widely attacked by the pioneers of social networking sites, after he published a photo on his Twitter account, in which he appeared in a private plane, and attached the phrase, “On the way to attend the annual Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative summit in Vienna.”

The image was enough of a major attack on the “Terminator” movie hero and activist in the face of climate change.

According to the British “Daily Mail”, Schwarzenegger, 75, was subjected to harsh words against him, and some climate advocates described him as a “hypocrite”. Others considered that the event did not require traveling by private plane, and he could have traveled by regular civil aviation.

The actor was forced to respond in a live video, confirming that his travel was at his own expense, and that the plane did not belong to him, and demanded that the offensive phrases against him stop.

Schwarzenegger advised the followers to avoid wasting time on Twitter looking for fake reasons to attack others, and to spend some minutes facing the mirror and asking it about the real reason that makes the “hater” upset.

 In 2017, the former California governor launched the annual Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative in his native Austria, which is fast becoming the world’s largest environmental grouping of global decision makers to decarbonize the planet by 2050.

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