Scorpios, or people born between October 23 and November 21, tend to be dedicated workers with mysterious personal lives. If you’re a Scorpio, check out the new 2022 Scorpio horoscope. While there are some dates to keep in mind, 2022 shouldn’t cause any drastic personality or life philosophy changes.

Keep the Determination and Dedication

Scorpios are known for their persistence, and you should embrace this trait in the new year. Make a list of your 2022 goals, whether they’re financial, spiritual, physical, romantic, or mental. Don’t be afraid to set high standards for yourself; after all, you have the dedication to realize these ambitions. Put your list where you can see it every day so that you don’t forget.

Put your determination to work in the business world between May 10 and October 27 when Jupiter will be in the First House (also known as Aries) on your star chart. The combination of Aries, which signifies the self, and Jupiter, which augments everything else, means that this season is the perfect time to make a good business deal. At the same time, these opportunities can pass you by if you’re not determined enough to seize them. If you’re not sure when to take advantage of your horoscope and when to play it safe, seek out psychic money guidance.

Come Out of Your Shell

Mystery is a key part of most Scorpios’ personalities. Unfortunately, being mysterious sometimes involves letting other people walk all over you. 2022 is the year to preserve your privacy and mystical aura without letting your loved ones take advantage of you.

Don’t be afraid to share beliefs that you’re passionate about with your friends, family members, and coworkers. For example, if you’re at a family party and someone makes fun of a cause you support, articulate why this behavior is unacceptable. The best psychic readings can identify key relationships in which to practice your boundaries as well as times that you’re most likely to succeed.

Coming out of your shell also means exploring romantic opportunities. While you should always stay open to meeting your soulmate or twin flame, these periods are the best time to start a relationship:

  • April 5 to May 1
  • May 28 to June 21
  • September 5 to September 28
  • October 23 to November 15

These are all times when Venus interacts favorably with different houses in your star chart.

Stay Grounded

Because these opportunities for prosperity don’t involve drastic changes to your horoscope, it may be hard to stay motivated throughout 2022. Take advantage of your career or relationship opportunities without forgetting why you care about advancing in your job or having a romantic partner. If you keep your values in sight, you should be ready to start 2023 with a stronger sense of self.

2022 promises to be a good year for Scorpios to build on their progress from 2021. If you’re not sure where to focus your energy this year, schedule a reading with your favorite psychic today.


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