Tiny homes have become so popular in recent years that it has gone from the fringes of society to the mainstream. These tiny homes were often built by individuals in their backyards. Quirky and fun, these homes were custom built, often on the frame of a trailer. The rise of these tiny homes have gotten the attention of mainstream home builders.

Regardless of whether the home is built by a do-it-yourselfer or a traditional home builder, one challenge remains for a tiny home (or even a smaller than normal home). Everyone needs a place for their stuff. Even if you have become a minimalist and gotten rid of most of your possessions, you still will have storage needs. To that end, here are 10 of the best storage ideas for small homes that you may not have thought of. These could also be applicable to studio and small one-bedroom apartments.

Under Stairs

Many smaller homes have a small footprint. That often means building up instead of out. Many of these homes feature a sleeping loft. And a loft means stairs. Stairs will leave a diagonally shaped space beneath them. That may be awkward but you simply cannot allow space to go unused in a small home. Shelving, pantries, or closet spaces are all excellent choices.

Beds and Sofas

Your bed and sofa are two of the largest pieces of furniture in your home. With space at a premium in small homes, this may mean the two are combined into one unit. Either way, there are voids to be taken advantage of, either with drawers or cubby holes. This can be a great space for long-term or seasonal storage items. Some people use this space to hide electrical components, especially batteries for an off-grid home.

Fold-down Table

Another furniture item that can take up a lot of space is a table. You are unlikely to find large dining tables, for example, in a smaller home. Still, you need a table of some sort, often one that can serve more than one function. You might need a place to work from home with your laptop, only to later use the same space as a dinner table. A table that normally sits flat against a wall but can be folded down when in use is a great option.

Look Up… and Down

No space can be sacrificed when it comes to storage. Sometimes you have to get creative. Non-traditional spaces can be great for storage. That sometimes means looking up. Spaces above doors and windows can be utilized with something as simple as an open shelf. A solution that is especially good for the kitchen is to use hooks for hanging pots and pans.

Similarly, look down for more storage solutions. Spaces under tables or chairs are great for storage. You can even install a small drawer for flat items under the kick space of a cabinet.

Modular Furniture

Modular furniture can be combined in many ways for many different needs. This multi-functionality makes them ideal for small spaces. Boxes of the same size with a cushion on top and wheels on the bottom can be locked together to make a bench or sofa or even a bed. Separated, each module can be a seat. The other great aspect of these modules is that each one can have a storage space under the seat.

Hidden storage

Paintings can have a small storage area built into the back. Any kind of narrow nook can be used for a rolling pantry for canned goods. If you have an interior wall, the space between studs is a good space for smaller items.

Ironing Board/Mirror

Having an ironing board that folds down when it is needed is nothing new. But why not add a mirror to the back side of the ironing board? This could end up being almost a full-body mirror, an otherwise luxury item in a tiny home.

Add a Loft

While lofts are typically a solution for the bedroom in a small home, it can also be a great storage space. Many tiny homes have a loft on one end for a bed and a smaller loft on the other end for storage. This can be a good spot for long-term storage.

Sliding Doors

Doors can be a problem in small spaces since they take up so much room when the door is open. A good solution here in sliding doors. You can go for accordion style for closets, barn style for larger doors, and pocket doors for side rooms.

Bathroom Ideas

Chances are, your bathroom is going to be a small space. That means getting creative for storage. If you have a tub, put a narrow bench in front to store towels and linens. The space above a toilet is a great spot for a floating shelf, as is the space above the sink. If you have a shower instead of a tub, consider adding a second adjustable bar above the shower head. You can then hang small baskets from the bar for storing shampoo, soap, and other items.

This is hardly an exhaustive list. The unique nature of tiny homes often means solutions tailored to your specific needs. That can mean getting creative and coming up with your own ideas. It can also mean modifying someone else’s storage solution.

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