The type of real estate protection in the direct presence of security company employees is the most reliable and widespread. The security company in Australia is distinguished by the well-coordinated work of professionals, their experience in ensuring the security of objects, prompt response to the situation, an individual approach to each client such as bodyguards for showbiz personalities and high quality of the service provided. By ordering a service from them, you get the best protection schemes, the services of trusted professionals, round-the-clock control of territories. When you require dependable corporate security companies Sydney, contact Security 360.

The customer of Australian security services receives comprehensive support. Business or residential security is fully monitored: the area and perimeter of the territory are constantly monitored for possible violations; admission to the object is carried out by passes, unauthorized entry is prevented; information security, goods and material values are controlled; technical innovations are installed; employees monitor fire safety.

Protection of facilities using guard dogs services

The use of guard dogs services for the protection of large territories is a fairly common and effective method. However, it has very important features, knowledge of which is mandatory. A pair of service dogs are sometimes more effective than any type of weapon. They run fast, never miss, have excellent eyesight and keen instinct. And dealing with a dog is much more difficult than dealing with a person.

Security guards in Australia provide their clients with the guard dogs services. Their dogs are specially trained and:

  • clearly follow the commands;
  • catch up with the intruder by order of the owner;
  • stop an attack on command;
  • attack an intruder in the event of a dangerous aggression against the owner and other persons;
  • adequately respond to stressful situations;
  • are immune to the sounds of firearms.

Even now, in the age of high technology, guard dogs are still considered one of the best ‘alarms’. Any technical device can be deceived by applying special skills and preparing from the technical side, but it is very difficult to deceive a trained animal – this is well known thanks to research, examples and reviews.

This method of safeness gives clients the following advantages:

  • It is the dogs that are able to sense someone’s approach at a fairly impressive distance.
  • More often than not, attackers abandon their intentions when they hear a dog barking behind a fence or in a house.
  • Sensing the approach of danger, the dog will at least begin to worry, which will be hard not to notice – its warning signals will give the guard time to make a decision and prepare for action.
  • A dog is able not only to scare away but also to detain a criminal, if necessary: a trained animal can catch up even a trained athlete.

It is the guard dogs that are involved in the search for explosive devices and drugs, these smartest animals are irreplaceable and permanent helpers of border guards. Security companies in Australia invite you to make sure from your own experience that dogs are able to preserve your property and ensure safety no worse than sophisticated technical devices and specialists.

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