Send and Receive Free Fax using Printer


In the past few years, the fax was one and only approach to share confidential information between colleagues and larger business organizations. Data security has always been a major concern of every society so that no one can breach your privacy. Therefore, the fax was a preferred communication medium in the old times. 

Well, fax has not become extinct yet even after the development of the latest gadgets. People are still using it for sending and receiving important documents. However, everyone is looking for a more convenient way of faxing. No one wants to carry heavy fax machines and manage ink and paper to fax.

So, there was a need for a more easy way to exchange faxes. What if you come to know that you can use a printer for faxing? Well, you are thinking right. Faxing has made possible with the printer so you don’t have to buy a new fax machine. Stay with me till the end of this article to find out how to use the printer for fax.

Fax without Fax Machine through Printer 

Eventually, you don’t need to put resources into a fax machine and get it fixed periodically just to exchange a piece of paper. You can exchange online fax from a  printer by utilizing the world wide web. No more telephone lines and fax numbers required for faxing, not by any means! 

However, you need an online fax administration for transferring faxes online. These utilities dial the beneficiary’s fax number and make an interpretation of your records into a fax document so that they are legible at the receiver side. The received faxes are interpreted likely before they reach your printer. 

The cutting edge remote printers have an implicit service that supports fax. For a modern printer, you will have to install the compatible fax driver program which barely takes 2 minutes. For a multi-functional printer, all you have to do is register with any online fax service provider to transfer faxes on the go.

  • CocoFax, Exchange Fax without Fax Machine

CocoFax is a dependable GoogleFaxFree online fax utility that is used all over the world by a huge number of clients. It is a reliable source of communicating local and international faxes conveniently. It is one of the reputed fax service providers due to its latest encryption measures. 

CocoFax has been recognized by many international publications such as BuzzFeed, Forbes, CNET, Life wire, and The Huffington Post. It turns your printer into a fax machine without any technical alterations. Just get started by subscribing with CocoFax and the later procedure is a cup of tea. You can also directly send documents as a fax from your web browser or email account.

 CocoFax is a digital faxing solution so that you can enjoy the advantages of conventional faxing online. It converts digital signals into analog to send fax online. Whereas, signal translation for receiving a fax with digital gadgets is done in reverse order. You can exchange hundreds of documents in a month according to your subscription plan.

How to use a Printer to Fax Online

CocoFax has made exchanging faxes possible by just using a printer. You can send and receive fax wirelessly so there is no need for telephone lines or fax machines anymore. An active internet connection is a must to send a fax using a printer.

You should know that printers do not come up with all faxing features but CocoFax has a solution to this. Scan all the documents using a printer and CocoFax is there to help you send a document over the internet. CocoFax also provides the facility of sending and receiving documents directly so that you don’t have to manage any hardware tools.

  • Send Fax Via CocoFax Without a Fax Machine

Sending faxes without a fax machine is a matter of a few minutes. You can use your printer to do so and directly transfer fax online. Here is a brief preview of CocoFax and how to fax from printer. You can exchange faxes at any time of the day as CocoFax offers 24/7 uptime and many other services.

Step 1:  Signup

Register your free account by navigating to the official webpage of CocoFax. Creating a new account comes up with the benefits of a free 30 days trial and a fax number. After signing up, you would be able to send free online faxes from your printer.

Afterward, fill in your personal details in the online form and provide a valid email address. This email will be used to send and receive a fax over the internet along with an online free fax number.

Step 2: Compose Fax

We would rather call CocoFax dashboard a Control Panel for managing online faxes sent and received from digital systems. You can create a new fax document from any internet browser by opening the CocoFax dashboard. 

Enter the recipient’s fax number in the To field. You can also attach word documents; excel sheets and images along with the fax document. Enter the Fax title and cover page in the Subject and body of the new fax popup. You can upload documents after scanning them with the printer.

Step 3: Send Fax

Drag your mouse pointer to the “Send” button after you’re finished composing the fax. CocoFax server will dial the recipient’s fax number to send the fax reports by changing them into a fax file format. 

You will get an affirmation message when the fax file successfully reaches the receiver’s fax machine. You can check and send the failed faxes by correcting them with the help of detailed message alerts.

  • Receive  Fax via CocoFax Without a Fax Machine

To receive fax online using CocoFax, you don’t have to follow long procedures. If you already have a CocoFax account, log in using any web browser to read the received faxes from CocoFax dashboard. You can also receive faxes to your Gmail account using CocoFax

CocoFax receives the fax documents and converts them into a pdf document. Later on, these files are forwarded to your fax number. You don’t have to sit with your fax machine all over the day not to miss any fax. CocoFax transfers all the fax files to your dashboard even if you don’t have an internet connection. 

Why Choose CocoFax for Online Faxing?

CocoFax is the most reviewed online fax service provider which is also in top-rated fax application till now. It is a well-reputed brand which comes up with many useful features such as 

1. CocoFax Offers Portability and Encryption

CocoFax is packed with many remarkable features that are not programmed into conventional fax machines. Portability, 24/7 support, multi-format support, encryption and international faxing are some of the major features of CocoFax which make it desirable for online faxing.

2. Privacy Protection and Permanent Storage

The privacy measures incorporated by Cocofax make it desirable for online faxing. All the sent and received faxes are secured so your data privacy is guaranteed. You can also use the permanent storage space of CocoFax to save important documents.

3. Fast and easy-to-use 

CocoFax is a faster way to send and receive faxes rather than conventional fax machines. The intuitive user-interface of CocoFax makes it an easy-to-use application even for beginners. You can exchange faxes in a couple of minutes without any technical expertise.


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