The first and the topmost requirement to boost online sales is to achieve a good SEO rank within in top 3 results by Google. SEO strategies are never the same and changes every year.  In general, Google gives a good rank to websites having precise quality content, faster-loading speed, highly mobile optimized and built with targeted keywords.

So, for this year 2019, let’s have a look are the SEO strategies that can give your blog or website a good rank in Google.

1. High Quality Content

Quality content is a constant factor for achieving top SEO ranks by Google. Quality content should be precise, informative and to the point to solve the burning queries of the searchers instantly. For 2019, these strategies are a must for quality content.

  • Go for unambiguous headings with a question o commanding tone that interprets directly about the content without any confusion. For-ex:- ‘How to do increase web traffic’ or ‘5 best ways to increase web traffic’.
  • Create list format content. Readers are always in a hurry to get answers for their queries. So creating pointwise headings for each explanation in a list format helps the readers quickly get answers.
  • Well crafted engaging content with to the point information

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research helps you identify the weightage and average searches for each keyword. You can use the Google Keyword Planner for running a keyword analysis for your competitors, and even generate new productive keywords to include in your webpage required to improve the search ranking. Make a point to use the targeted keywords in the first paragraph after a few sentences and also include LSI keywords in the content. Google prefers a productive combination of targeted and LSI keywords for ranking.

3. Identify Audience Search Intent

It is very important to understand the audience search intent for a better ranking. Their searching pattern will let you understand what kind of informations they are looking for. The Google search console offers you in-detailed search report starting from Search Appearance to Search Traffic, Google Index and crawl error reports. You can have a complete search performance report from here and fix HTML errors, URLs, Structured Data, etc to boost Google ranking.

4. Go for Voice Search

With the increasing growth of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortona, Amazon’s ‘Echo’, in 2019, voice search has become an important factor for Google ranking. Make sure you prepare your website or blog for voice search. Here you need to focus on natural keywords or long tail keywords, as that is the way humans conduct any voice search. For-ex- Instead of using ‘SEO strategies 2019’, use ‘What are the SEO strategies in 2019’. The second one sounds natural and is voice friendly.

5. Optimize with Google AMPs

This is required to boost the mobile SEO for your website. As we all know, the Mobile version of the website plays an important part in Google ranking so optimizing it with Google AMP will increase its loading speed in mobile devices. AMPs are required because most of the times websites take longer to load in mobile devices which increase the bounce rate causing users to jump to other sites. Optimization with AMP helps in cutting off the excess bulky code in websites improving the loading speed in mobile for better user experience and ranking.

Final Words

The above-mentioned 5 strategies are a must requirement if your target is to achieve the top 3 ranks in Google.


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