Septic Tanks: What Are The Important Things You Need To Know About It

Household owners continuously improve their home, their kitchen, bedrooms, comfort room, balcony, etc. They give huge attention to parts of the house that they see often, but they rarely think about other important parts of the house that are invisible to the eyes like the septic tank. Septic pumping in ct is necessary to ensure that all the sewage waste passes easily from your house to the tank without any problem.

People never think about their septic tank until a foul odor is spreading in their house or they are already having a hard time flushing out their toilet. Having issues in the septic tank is extremely unglamorous and could completely steal the beauty of any house. 

Septic tanks are usually unnoticed, but just so you know, it is working 24 hours a day to make sure that disposal and treatment of waste in the household is being done. 

How Often Does A Septic Tank Should Be Pumped?

It is a continuous argument as to when exactly a septic tank should be pumped. There are many factors to be considered to assess when it should be done, like how often the toilet is being used, how many people are living in the area and so on. But generally speaking, as per the experts, pumping of septic tanks should happen every 3 to 5 years, it can be earlier or any time in between but never later. 

You would not want to delay the pumping as if you do, big issues will come your way like overflowing or seeping tanks, overflowing toilets and so on. 

Calling A Professional Is A Must When Performing The Job

Contacting a professional is a must to have this job done. This is far different from the usual plumbing you know, as it requires tools, expertise and experience. Also, not all plumbers can perform this task hence it is best if you ask the plumbing company if they accommodate this service before finally hiring them. 

Do not assume as you would not want to get disappointed in the end. If you are planning to have your septic tank sucked, click this link for service:

What To Expect While It Is Being Pumped?

Expect that the plumbing contractor you decided to hire will arrive with a huge pump truck. They will remove the manhole cover, insert a vacuum hose and start pumping the septic tank. Once it is done, they will transport the sludge they collected to the nearest sewage treatment plant for proper disposal. 

It is highly recommended that you record when the service is performed so you know when the next pumping schedule is due. You may also want to sign a contract with the same contractor, so they will be the one to call you to remind you about the service. 

Yearly Inspection Of The Septic Tank Is Important

After pumping the septic tank, inspection is recommended as it is easier to check on the problem when it is newly cleaned. But needless to say, this is not the only time when septic tank must be inspected. It should be inspected yearly so when there is a problem, it can get fixed immediately. You do not want any septic tank issue unresolved for a long time as it may arrive to a big issue that is hard or even impossible to resolve. 

Septic tank can easily be forgotten as it is out of sight, but since it is a vital component in any household, it is recommended that you never forget about it. You have to seriously consider the condition of your septic tank if you do not want to face challenging problems in the future. 


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