Shakira on Valentine’s Day.. I might kill Pique and his next new girlfriend

Shakira on Valentine's Day

Time after time, Shakira hit, and this time she published a video clip coinciding with Valentine’s Day, through which she directed her continuous messages to Pique.

The Colombian singer appeared as she mopped her kitchen floor and sang the song “Kill Bill,” which says: “I might kill my ex.”

Shakira kept singing as she cleaned her kitchen and chanted: “Maybe, I might kill my ex, not the best idea, and his next new girlfriend, how did I get here? I might kill my ex.”

And after the global success achieved by Shakira in her latest songs, which she released after her separation from her ex-lover Gerard Pique, her new artwork was revealed, which is a single song that she presents in collaboration with Colombian singer-songwriter Manuel Turizo.

Although their official page Shakira did not yet refer to the cover of this song, “Cuba Facia”, the artist appeared in the form of a mermaid.

The Spanish newspaper Marca referred to some of the song’s lyrics, which Shakira will present with high sensitivity, and will not be at all similar to those works that she presented since the news spread of her betrayal by Pique and then officially separated from him.