Details of a crime were revealed by the American police: She had killed her husband and written a book mourning him.


American Kouri Richins was unable to hide the effects of her crime, despite her pretending to do so and writing an entire book based on her personal experience and describing the state of grief and mourning after the death of her husband. It was finally revealed that she was the one who killed him.

The thriller details Richins to begin writing her book Are You With Me? (Are You With Me?) – directed at children – in the months following the death of her husband, Eric Richins, who was found dead in their room in western Utah in March 2022.

Richins, 33, told police that she had prepared a drink and brought it to her husband, who was in bed, and said that when she came to him and touched him, it was “cold,” according to the local “Fox 13” channel.

An autopsy showed that the man died of an overdose of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid of which the man had swallowed five times the fatal dose.

Investigators concluded that his wife had asked an acquaintance to provide her with powerful painkillers, “similar to those taken by Michael Jackson,” who died of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

A few days later, Eric told a friend he suspected his wife was trying to poison him, according to police documents seen by Fox 13.

On Monday, Kouri Richins was charged with first degree murder, possession and distribution of controlled substances.

The book “Are You with Me” follows the story of a child who lost his father, but is reminded that he is still present everywhere around him, just like an angel watching over him.

According to the book’s advertising description, it is written by a caring mother who experienced the same situation and aims to provide reassurance and comfort.

The couple had been married for 9 years, and they have 3 children, all of whom are boys.

In a similar crime less than a year ago, another American novelist, who had published an article entitled “How to Kill Your Husband”, was convicted of killing her husband.

The novelist, Nancy Crampton Brophy, is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband, after shooting him twice in the heart in June 2018.

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