In the video, a shocking scene of the fall of 50 cyclists in a cycling race in France

shocking scene of the fall of 50 cyclists in a cycling race

The organizing committee of the Brittany cycling tour in France decided to cancel the sixth round of the race, after an accident described as shocking and funny at the same time.

A video clip – spread on the social networking site Twitter – documented the fall of more than 50 contestants moments after they passed through a muddy road.

The Ouest-France website reported that the accident occurred more than 80 kilometers from the end of the race.

According to a French website, one of the contestants made a mistake which caused them to fall in the mud. The website described the scene as rare and humorous in modern cycling races. As a result, many of the contestants chose not to finish the race, causing the organizing committee to cancel the sixth round.

The accident occurred on the road between the city of Chateaubriand – which is about 350 km west of the French capital, Paris – and the town of Blanquette, located in the northwest of the country.

According to the French website, the first 6 contestants managed to avoid falling to the ground, while those behind them failed to do so.

What angered the French media and triggered a state of shock was the absence of ambulances, as some of them arrived at the scene 30 minutes after the competitors fell.

Four of them were taken to a hospital to receive treatment, provided that they stay there for 24 hours.

In turn, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” confirmed that the Tour of Brittany had resumed from the seventh round, as the rest of the previous round took place without announcing the name of a winner.

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