Should I Have a CB Antenna Mount Installed on My Truck?

We all remember those movies from the 70s, with Smokey and the Bandit using CB radios to communicate as they continually avoided the attentions of Wilford T Justice! Now, as this is so long ago and there have been such advances in technology when it comes to communication, you could be forgiven for thinking that a radio seated in a CB antenna mount is something from yesteryear, but you’d be quite wrong, as it still has its value to the modern trucker. 

Let’s have a look at what they are…

Cell Coverage Isn’t Always There When You Need It

Any cell phone owner will know that 100% coverage is something of a myth and that’s under normal circumstances. When there’s bad weather or even worse – a hurricane, where cell towers and electricity lines come down, a lack of cell coverage can make you feel like you’re living in the dark ages. A CB antenna mount containing a CB rig changes all that, allowing you to make contact with others looking for help or to get information. 

Cell Phones Malfunction & Run Out of Battery Too

When does your cell phone run out of battery or decide that it doesn’t want to work anymore? That’s right, usually when you need it the most! Should you find yourself in this position, having a radio attached to a CB antenna mount in your truck provides you with an alternative means of communication. 

Just be careful about which channel you use, as there are certain channels that the police use as an emergency channel and if you use it, you need to have a pretty good reason. It’s nice to know that someone might hear you if you’re in trouble though.

CB Radios Can Help You Avoid Traffic Issues

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam that you know you could have avoided if you’d known about it earlier? Well, on your CB radio base station, channel 19 (known as the trucker’s channel) can be monitored to keep an eye on traffic conditions up to as much as 10 miles ahead of you. Short of having a trucker’s cell phone number in your possession, there’s no way you could do this with a mobile – especially when there’s no signal!

CB Radios Are Great for Travelling Parties

In the same way as Kris Kristofferson kept in touch with all of his trucking buddies in the movie Convoy, CB radios represent a great way for large groups of travelling RVs and trucks to communicate. Having a CB antenna mount in your vehicle lets you communicate easily and cheaply – it’s free once you’ve bought the gear – but you need to be sure to find a channel with minimal chatter.

On Your Travels in the Near Future? Get a CB Radio!

Having a CB radio in your truck can be a lifesaver in certain situations and extremely convenient in others. Sure, you may have your cell phone with you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Consider the fact that a CB radio can cost as little as $50 and you see what a wise investment it is. 

The CB Antenna you get to go in your mount does add to the cost, but it too is not going to cost you a fortune and it means that you’re prepared for all eventualities. All things said and done, it’s just better to have one when you’re out on your travels.


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