Should ketchup be kept in the refrigerator or not? A famous company settles the controversy

While some consider that the correct place to keep ketchup is the refrigerator, others go to confirm that its place is outside it, noting that supermarket shelves are evidence of this, but a famous American company settled the controversy.

A simple question sparked a heated debate on communication sites: “Should ketchup be kept in the fridge or outside?” Notable names like Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B even joined in the discussion. The controversy was finally settled by the Heinz company, renowned for its expertise in this red condiment, confirming that the refrigerator is indeed its rightful place.

International actress and singer Jennifer Lopez expressed her opinion on the matter, saying, “If you store ketchup in the refrigerator, it won’t work,” while rapper Cardi B tweeted that “people who put ketchup in the refrigerator cannot be trusted.”

But Heinz, which is considered one of the most prominent brands in the ketchup industry, explained in a tweet posted last Wednesday on Twitter: “For your information: ketchup goes to the fridge!!”

The tweet sparked controversy on social media, between agreeing and disagreeing with Heinz’s statement, after which she conducted a poll for her Twitter followers entitled “Where do you keep your package? It should be… in the fridge.” The result showed that 63.2% keep it in the fridge. compared to 36.8% in the treasury.

In response, Heinz clarified that ketchup contains natural acids, allowing it to be stored outside the refrigerator. However, the website further explains that the label advises keeping ketchup in a cool place once it is opened and used.

A Heinz UK representative said: “There was one correct answer, which we are excited to share with Heinz tomato ketchup fans across the UK. Our ketchup should be stored in the fridge,” according to the Daily Mail.


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