The automotive timing belt is located at the side of the engine. Made up of top quality rubber materials including nylon-reinforced cords, safeguarding its life expectancy. As the belt moves inside the engine, it is put under heaps of weight and tends to wear out rapidly. As a result of this, you would have to replace it very often. In the event that you let your timing belt get exhausted and you don’t get it changed, at that point you won’t have a running motor.

The timing belt connects the camshaft to the crankshaft, which deals with the cylinders of the motor. With respect to the camshaft, it is in charge of opening the values and shutting the valves. In general, the ensures the motor plays out as expected by controlling the timing of the crankshaft and camshaft. Changing the timing belt is not an easy process and needs to done with utmost care. The timing belt cost depends upon the brand you choose to go with.

In case of a broken or exhausted belt, it may show the below symptoms. When you encounter at least one of these issues, consult the auto specialist or workman to examine and get it changed if needed.

1. Rough Idling of the Engine

The automotive timing belts have teeth to grip gears as they’re turning different motor parts and segments. On the off chance that these teeth ever begin tumbling off or end up deficient, the belt will begin to disappear from the gears. When this happens, the teeth will fall specifically onto the gears and frame a jar in the motor. To top it all off, the motor will start to slow down in light of the fact that the camshaft timing is off.

2. Engine Misfire

The fire rate of the motor could be imperiled from the belt being exhausted. In the event that the belts were to disappear from the riggings and fall onto the camshaft, one of the chambers will open and close too early. If it happens, the motor will fail to fire could raise the requirement for the belt replacement. In case you don’t do it, the motor could be harmed permanently.

3. Smoky Engine

During winters or cool climate, it might be difficult to discern whether the immense measures of smoke originating from your tailpipe are from anything terrible or not. Be that as it may, you see excessive smoke that looks unordinary notwithstanding for the winter, at that point it most likely needs to do with a timing belt issue. The highest point of each chamber has two gaps which are in charge of letting out the fumes and letting in air. The opening and shutting of these gaps are synchronized with how the chambers move and how the camshaft pivots. In case of a faulty belt, this will be unsynchronized, which implies that exhaust will be let out and air will be let in at the wrong time. The outcome will be bunches of smoke leaving your exhaust framework.

4. Oil Pressure Decline

The automotive timing belt and pulley are responsible for turning the camshaft gears. If it is not working, it may skip and breaks camshaft into pieces. Any of these small pieces may fall into the oil pan, resulting in oil pressure to drop towards the bottom of an engine. This will lead to the failure of powertrain and the only possible to get over it is by revamping the whole engine.

Oil Pressure Decline5. Broken valves or pistons

The most noticeable symptom you may encounter is having the belt cut off or broken totally. If so, the crankshaft will result in turning without anyone else and not be in a state of harmony with the movement of the camshaft. When this happens, the cylinder will interact with the valves as they open. This could lead to the bowing of valves or harm the cylinder.

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