Choosing to move a loved one to a senior living facility is not always easy, but it shouldn’t scare you. Living with like-minded people allows seniors to build genuine connections and could literally add years to their lives.

It’s all a question of choosing the right facility. Some facilities out there feel more like 5-star hotels than retirement homes with beautiful scenery, great activities, and great staff. So, shed the old idea of senior living and start considering the option if you haven’t already. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you may need to consider senior living for a relative.

Loss of Mobility

If your relative is starting to suffer from mobility issues or they simply don’t have the strength to perform basic tasks around the house, this is a clear sign that senior living could be the right solution.

They could go to an assisted living community and have virtually everything handled for them. No more having to worry about cleaning clothes, cooking, or cleaning since it will all be taken care of for them. They can also get help with things like taking medication, along with bathing and clothing in some cases. If this sounds appealing and you live in the tri-state area, you should check out a few memory care and assisted living Princeton NJ communities today.

Lack of Social Interaction

If the person is very old and you are feeling guilty about not going to see them often enough, senior living could be a great solution. You’ll be able to visit them like you always used to but won’t have to worry about them being lonely when you’re not there. You may also be surprised at how living with other people like them could change their mood for the better.

You’re Noticing Signs of Neglect

If you go to the person’s home and it seems like it hasn’t been cleaned in a while or you notice that their clothes are either dirty, wrinkly, or don’t work together, then it could be a sign that they cannot handle these tasks anymore. This is where you’ll need to start looking at assisted living options and find one that will fill the gaps for them while still allowing them some liberty.

Severe Weight Loss

You should also pay attention to any wild variation in weight. If your relative has lost a lot of weight suddenly lately, then it might be because they can’t cook meals anymore, or are forgetting to eat. If they gain weight, then that could be a sign that they’ve adopted bad eating habits to avoid having to cook themselves. So, take a close look at their weight and what they’re eating and see if you can find a community that focuses on healthy eating and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

These are all clear signs that you need to start considering senior living. It has so many benefits and could allow you or your relatives to live a much more fulfilling and healthy life, so consider your options today.

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