The first apartment complex you looked at had a fantastic gym but was way too small …

The second property you checked out had an incredible layout but wasn’t pet-friendly…

Sometimes, finding the perfect apartment feels impossible.

And while it’s impossible to find an apartment that checks every box on your list, you should be able to get pretty close. All it takes is some time and effort.

If you can find some apartments and compare them by location, budget, and amenities, you should be able to find a place that suits your needs. The more specific you can be about your needs, the better.

In this article, I’ll discuss the characteristics of a perfect apartment.

Here are five signs you’ve found a great rental apartment:

1. The Location is Ideal

Don’t settle for living in a neighborhood you don’t like. Give yourself adequate time to look for the ideal apartment community. The goal should be to find one in the area you want.

For example:

If you work in downtown Houston and manage to find an apartment near your workplace, that’s a good sign.

Living near your place of employment has many benefits. You won’t have to sit in traffic worrying about being late.

Plus, if you want to go out after work with some co-workers, it’ll be easy to get home afterward.

The location of your home is everything, so this should be one of the top priorities when searching for apartments.

2. The Price is Right

It’s normal to have a set price in mind while hunting for apartments. You don’t want to apply for an apartment that’s out of your price range because you may not be accepted.

So, do your finances before you start looking for places. Come up with a ballpark figure of how much you can afford on rent each month. You should have some wiggle room in case you find an apartment that costs a bit more money.

If you find a complex that’s a little beyond your price range, think about how you could cut back in other ways. For example, you might be able to afford the apartment you want if you spend less money on expensive dinners.

Budgeting is difficult, and you may have to make some tough decisions. But, understanding your finances before you start searching for apartments will help you find the perfect spot!

3. It’s Well-Maintained

When looking at properties, keep a close eye on their condition. Both the apartment unit itself and the surrounding property should be well-maintained.

If they’re not clean and tidy, you should check out other apartment complexes.

If the walls have holes in them and the lawn is overgrown, it’s a bad sign. When you move in, you may have trouble getting the landlord to repair things. You shouldn’t have to live in a property that needs a lot of repairs, especially if management refuses to fix them.

While hunting for the perfect apartment, check out the condition of everything. Look for faults in the building (such as stairs that are getting old), and make sure the appliances work.

There are likely upgraded units you could check out. But keep in mind that upgrade options don’t excuse a run-down apartment complex.

Find an apartment community that takes good care of its grounds and units, and you’ll be golden.

4. It Has the Amenities You Want

Everyone wants certain amenities and features in their living space. You should write these down so that you know what to look for when hunting for apartments.

If a walk-in closet is that important to you, for example, then you need to put it on the top of your amenities list.

There may be other amenities you must have, such as a washer and dryer unit. Or, you may want a garage for your nice car.

Before touring a property, keep your non-negotiable amenities in mind. As long as your list isn’t too extensive, you should be able to find a place that fits your needs.

Sometimes, a property might have some of the amenities you want, but not all of them. For instance, you might find an apartment complex that has the fitness center you want but only offers one parking space per unit.

If you need two parking spots for you and your spouse, you might have to forgo the fitness center to find a place that offers better parking.

5. It Feels Like Home

Sure, an apartment complex can look beautiful and have all the amenities you want, but does it feel like home? Can you see yourself living there for the next few years, or even longer?

Moving into a new apartment is exciting. If there’s a community you keep thinking about, that’s a good sign that it might be the right one.

Don’t waste time looking at apartment complexes where something is lacking. You may not like the neighborhood or the layout of the apartment, and that’s okay. They’ll be a perfect home for someone, but not for you.

Instead, focus on finding a place that feels right. You should look forward to walking through the door every time you come home.

If you plan to live in the same apartment for a while, that’s all the more reason to find one you love. Make sure that your place will suit your needs now and in the future.

Planning to have a baby soon? Make sure you have an extra bedroom!

Going to start your own business? Get at an apartment with an extra room for a home office!

Put all your energy into finding a place that aligns with your life goals now and in the future. Find a place that will allow you to thrive and grow through every chapter of your life.

If you’re still not sure about where you want to live after your search, go over your checklist to see if you’ve forgotten anything.

It’s normal to have a hard time deciding. If that’s the case, it might be time to call in the troops, otherwise known as some family members. Trusted family members and friends can give you sound advice on where to live.

Finding an apartment should be a pleasant experience. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, take a step back. Think about your options for a few days, then get back to the drawing board.

Soon enough, you’ll be signing a lease and moving into your dream apartment. And when you do, you’ll feel happy and content in your decision.

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