Yikes! You are using up your last disposable face mask and don’t know where you can find more. Don’t worry, making your own face mask means you don’t have to keep buying more disposable ones.

Use this simple guide to creating an easy face mask:

Making an Easy Face Mask

Creating an easy face mask can be done with fabric, felt, crochet, and more. You can even make your own face shields if you have the right materials.

Creating a face mask from fabric is easy. Pick any fabric you want to use and follow these instructions:

  1. Cut fabric into a 15″ by 8″ piece
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Measure 1/2″ in from each edge
  4. Sew the folded piece together leaving 1/2″ from the edge
  5. Cut two 7″ pieces of elastic
  6. Pin the pieces of elastic to each end of the mask
  7. Sew along the edges to secure the elastic

Types of Material

A DIY face mask can be made up of any material you choose, but it is important to consider some factors when deciding on material.

The CDC recommends a cloth face covering to help prevent any droplets coming from the mouth from traveling into the air and on other people. These cloth coverings can reduce the spread of diseases, including COVID-19.

Making your face mask can protect you and others from getting sick. Your first choice of a mask may have been a surgical mask. They are designed for those working in the medical field to protect from splashes and sprays.

They became popular during this pandemic and sold out for those reasons. The downside to these types of masks is that they have openings on the sides, top, and bottom. This means they are a looser fitting mask that may not prevent all germs from reaching the wearer.

Because of this, the CDC recommends a cloth material when you want to know how to make a face mask. When making your face mask, be sure to create it so that it is firm fitting to your face. Try to prevent creating any holes in the mask that could risk germs coming in.

If you wear your mask often, make sure you wash it regularly. Wearing a face mask works best from preventing germs when you practice good hygiene overall. This includes washing your hands and washing your mask.

PPE Kits

Making an easy face mask can protect you from the virus. You can go even further for protection by creating PPE kits

PPE means Personal Protective Equipment. The items in this kit can be used to help protect people and those around them from infection. It protects people by making a barrier between the person wearing the items and the environment around them.

PPE kits include things like masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, and more. Having these kits can help you, customers, and employees stay prepared.

Protect Yourself and Others

In uncertain times like these, it is important to try to keep yourself and others safe. Creating an easy face mask is the best way to do that for now. Make your masks and wear them in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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