Kajal is a staple makeup element when it comes to makeup. Kajal emphasizes your eyes, making them look attractive and prominent. It’s one of the most used makeup products, especially by Indian women. No matter, it’s the iconic kohl-rimmed eyes or a simple stroke on your lower waterline, just a touch of kajal is enough to give you a fascinating look. The only thing that bothers women is getting the kajal smudged all over their eyes. Kajal usually tend to spread out of the waterline. Women have to constantly check that and remove the excess kajal. Below given are a few tips that would help you get smudge-proof iconic eyes: 

Blot lids

Before applying eye kajal, make sure you blot your eyes. Wipe your face and make sure there’s zero amount of oil on your face. Dry skin will prevent the kajal from spreading unnecessarily. 


Apply a primer on your lids before applying kajal. Even if you do not need to apply eyeliner or eye shadow, priming your lids is important. A primer gives a protective layer, besides giving a cleaner and smoother base for the application of makeup. 

Apply the kajal properly

Make sure you are applying it properly. Your face must be washed and cleaned before application. Usually, women start from the inner corners of their eyes and tend to apply kajal outwards. Since the inner corners of our eyes are watery, it makes the kajal pencil wet. So, it’s advised to start applying kajal from the outward corner and drag the pencil towards the inner corners. This reduces the chances of smudging. 

 Use A Foundation or Compact Powder 

The presence of oil on the skin will cause it to spread and smudge. So, dab a little bit of powder below your eyes and apply compact. Dust a little bit of powder so that it absorbs any remaining oil present around your eyes. 

Use A White Liner

Usually, kajal tends to smudge because the inner corners of the eyes are watery. This allows the kajal to spread outside. So, women are advised to apply an eye shadow or white liner along with the inner corners. Not only will it prevent the eyes from smudging, but it will also give your eyes a nice pop look. 

Apply Eyeshadow

To intensify your eye look, apply eyeshadow. It will add volume and effect to your eyes. Prefer to apply either a black or brown coloured eye shadow and create a smokey eye look. You can apply other cosmetics too, such as eyeliner for getting smokey eyes. The powdery texture of the eyeshadow will help the kajal stay in place. 

Kajal usually tends to smudge when kept for a longer time. They run down and spread around your eyes, giving a pathetic look. Especially, if it’s hot and humid, one has to continuously check whether the kajal has smudged. So, to help you retain the perfect kajal look, we have enlisted some of the effective tips above. Keep these in mind and enjoy a smudge-proof, iconic kohl look!


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