If you are running an online business, you must have an online payment system embedded in your website for accepting payments digitally around the world. People take it easy, but it can be very risky and let you face a big loss if you integrate an unknown and non-secure payment system into your website.

Let us share identity theft, fraud complaints, and other consumer complaints graphs with you.

crime rate has increased after the year 2019

This graph demonstrates that the crime rate has increased after the year 2019. Kansas, Rhode Island, Illinois, Nevada, and Washington are considered the top five places where the crime rate is more than others in comparison.

Now, there are WordPress plugins available to integrate a safe and sound payment solution to your website, such as the square payment solution plugin, which is WP EasyPay. This plugin is capturing the market gradually, and people are choosing it to accept payments easily. Do you know why? It is Free to use.

However, it is not the only reason for using this plugin. There are more to discuss, but before that, we will introduce this WordPress plugin in depth.

WP EasyPay – #1 WordPress Square Payment Solution

WP EasyPay simplifies your payment journey and provides you with an easy-to-use, simple, fast, and secure environment for collecting payment worldwide. It never lets your payment procedure down with an outstanding 99.9% uptime value.

Moreover, it helps drive conversion and is suitable for all individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. In addition to that, it has the power to generate statistical reports and custom forms for simple, recurring, and subscription payments. Let’s start accepting funds online with WP EasyPay.

What’s more about it?

  • It enables you to build improved forms with an eye-catching outlook.
  • Build single forms where you have everything.
  • Build subscription reports and track your transactions.
  • Run and pause subscriptions at your convenience.
  • Build multi-step forms with a step-by-step tab interface for signup and payments.
  • Display your amount layouts in drop-down, radio, and custom layouts.
  • Embed form and email tags to your adding extra fields easily.
  • Place the ‘Upload’ button for uploading any media file supported in your forms.
  • Integrate a calendar and display the date and time to your payment forms.
  • Display your products in a tabular form for attractive visuals.
  • Let your customers add or subtract the items and adjust the price.
  • Sandbox OAuth is supported.
  • Transaction ID tag notifies the admins once the transaction is processed.
  • Extract the transaction reports based on the fields.
  • Place the form anywhere using the Gutenberg shortcode feature.
  • Anyone can share their ideas on Productstash.
  • Translate it into any language to get rid of language barriers in communication.
  • Reward the customers with digital coupons for building business awareness.
  • A dedicated self-handling subscription dashboard.
  • Captcha support to protect your transactions from spammers.
  • It lets you save your card payments for future transactions.
  • GooglePay is supported.
  • Collect donation payments easily.

And a lot more to offer. WP EasyPay builds a strong relationship with Square payment gateway and provides solutions for everyone. If we talk about its services, there is a lot to know about. Let’s explore.

Donation in Square for WordPress

It is a global donation system for attracting donors to donate for humankind. By using this plugin, you can simply accept donation payments through your credit cards in a blink of an eye. The other features will be the same. However, it is suitable for the religious aspects, protect the environment, non-profit organizations, welfare, political donation campaigns, natural disasters help, etc.

How does a payment gateway work?

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Customers visit online shops.
  2. Provides his credit card details to the shop owner for purchasing.
  3. When a payment starts processing, the payment gateway checks the card information, and if correct, it allows the processor to process transactions.
  4. It checks the merchant account, and if it has credit, it deducts the amount.
  5. Return the transaction receipt.

Let’s Get Paid

That would be all to understand the simple ways for accepting payments online by using the square payment solution plugin. You need to be very careful and picky when selecting the payment solution for your business. It is secure, fast, reliable, and suitable for your website; go for it. WP EasyPay is a handy solution for everyone.

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