There are some skin care rules that you need to abide by to make sure that you are caring for your body and your skin in the right way.  Most people who have a skincare routine have figured out these rules over time, but this might be your first time truly using a skincare routine.  Use these rules to see a clear difference.

1Wash Your Face

When you are looking at a place like, you need to be aware that washing your face is top priority.  Get a face wash to use every day, and do not be afraid to wash your face multiple times if you feel unclean.


You must use sunscreen every day to ensure that you can keep the sun off your face.  This is a very easy thing to do, but you have to put it into your routine because some women forget to put it on before their makeup goes on.

3Get A Light Foundation

You need to use a light foundation to ensure that you will not cake makeup onto your face.  This is something that you can easily handle when you are making up your face every day.  You also need to remember that most people who have a light foundation will never sweat as much.  This makes it easier for you to avoid acne.

4Use Toner

You should use toner to ensure that you can keep your skin as taut as possible.  You can find something that will work for dry skin, and you will avoid the drying that happens when you use regular toner.

5Use A Heavier Lotion

You can use a heavier lotion to ensure that your face is happy when you go to bed.  A heavy lotion or night cream will help you moisturize at night while you are sleeping so that your skin can recover.

6Drink More Water

You absolutely must drink more water because that is the best way for you to keep your skin soft.  Ensure you have kept a water bottle of water with you so that you can keep your body hydrated no matter what you are doing.


Exercising might seem like something that is going to dry out your skin, but sweating that much will help to clear your skin of toxins so that you do not feel as though you have blackheads and a lot of extra dirt on your skin. 

8Shower With Cooler Water

Showering with cooler water will prevent your skin from drying out, and you can stay in longer as you use a moisturizing shower gel.


When you reduce stress, you will instantly feel better, and you will instantly reduce acne.

10Wear A Hat

One of the best things you can do is wear a hat.  Wearing a hat during the day keeps the sun off your face and neck as you complete a powerful skincare routine.


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