Cryotherapy is an amazingly effective treatment for skin conditions. For eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc… the cold prevents rashes, relieves irritation and visibly reduces areas where the skin is under attack. This is why cryotherapy is worth considering and certainly worth trying among a variety of dermatological treatments designed for skin disorders.

Cryotherapy was first introduced in the late ‘70s as a purely medical procedure for treating chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, then gained popularity in the sports industry for its ability to treat muscle inflammation and traumas. These days, its area of application has expanded even further into areas such as wellness and cosmetology. It turned out that subjecting your skin to temperatures of around negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit has a lasting rejuvenating effect thanks to an increased blood flow to underlying issues, lymphatic drainage, better oxygenation, and other positive factors.

Whole-body cryotherapy treatment for eczema

Eczema is a pruritic dermatitis that is characterized by inflammation of the skin. If someone suffers from this problem at a very young age, then eczema will often appear again years later as an adult. In some cases, eczema is concentrated in one specific area of the skin. However, some people experience episodes of eczema resulting in the spread of symptoms to other parts of the body. The areas often affected are the joints (elbows and back of the knees), but rashes may well spread to any other part of the body. In dermatology, consultations due to eczema make up 30% of total consultations. People suffering from this problem can try a treatment which includes whole-body cryotherapy sauna sessions. After entering a cryotherapy machine, the cold quickly calms skin irritation and red patches soon begin to decrease.

Whole-body cryotherapy treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis is, like eczema, a non-contagious skin disease which is characterized by erythemato-squamous lesions. There are various forms of psoriasis and the degrees of severity vary from one person to the next. This condition is characterized by the formation of scales which are actually dead cells accumulating on the surface of the skin. Psoriatic plaques are generally found on the elbows, knees, the small of the back, the scalp and fingernails.

Whole-body cryotherapy alleviates and reduces areas where scales form. Irritation thus becomes less intense and the sufferer quickly begins to feel some relief. Whole-body cryotherapy is not effective for psoriasis of the scalp because the head is situated outside the cryotherapy machine. In this scenario, a localized cryotherapy device needs to be used. The operator can then target the scalp by spraying a mist of nitrogen at  -170° onto the affected area.

Whole-body cryotherapy as a treatment for acne

Acne is very often associated with adolescence. It is linked to a period where the adolescent’s hormonal disruptions manifest themselves as spots on the face. However, in its most severe form, acne can continue into adulthood. Although the pharmaceutical market is bursting with treatments for acne, localized cryotherapy can efficiently be used to supplement them. The use of a nitrogen mist on the skin will reduce the development of acneic areas and cause spots to disappear.

More cryotherapy benefits

In addition to its beneficial effects on skin problems, cryotherapy is on the way to becoming a major beauty care treatment. In fact, the cold is an asset to skin. It allows it to rejuvenate and reverse signs of aging. In response to extreme cold, our metabolism reacts in different ways and this also affects our skin’s reaction. Similarly, when someone enters a whole-body cryotherapy sauna, the skin temperature drops down, its pores tighten, and micro-circulation of the subcutaneous vessels is activated. It doesn’t take long for the skin to become firmer but also smoother.

Cryotherapy is also effective at combating the signs of tiredness. Lack of sleep and stress are very often the cause of fatigue lines, and this skincare treatment allows you to get rid of marks left by stress and tiredness, keep your skin glowing, eliminate dark circles and reduce puffiness.

To try out the positive effect of cold you can, for example, finding the nearest location and go to a Cryomed cryotherapy centres. If you already have a cryotherapy experience please leave your comment under the article and share your impressions.


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