After a three-month break due to COVID-19, the Premier League returned earlier this year; much to the delight of fans around the world. What’s even better is that many Premier League matches were made available to watch on Freeview. Previously only shown on cable channels, fans can now watch the beautiful game without any monthly subscriptions or long-term contracts.

The decision to show live Premier League games on free-to-air TV was largely due to the fact that they are being played behind closed doors. With fans unable to watch from the stands, top level decision-makers determined that making the matches available on Freeview was a viable way to ensure fans got the opportunity to see their teams perform.

Will Future Matches Be Shown on Freeview?

Currently, Sky Sports, Amazon, BT Sport and the BBC have rights to show Premier League matches. However, the majority of this season’s matches were due to air on Sky Sports. This meant you’d need a Sky and Sky Sports subscription if you wanted to keep up with the action. Instead, Sky Sports made 25 games available on Sky One and Pick, which meant that Freeview viewers could enjoy them.

With the 2019-20 season drawing to an end soon, fans are eager to find out whether next season’s matches will also be available on Freeview. Although no decisions have been announced yet, many people are hopeful that fans will soon be permitted to return to stadiums and watch their beloved teams play live.

However, the 2020-21 season is due to commence on 12th September 2020. As lockdown restrictions in England still prevent large gatherings, it’s unclear how thousands of fans could safely attend matches just a few weeks from now. With many people expecting the new season to begin behind closed doors, more games could be shown live on Freeview.

Get Sky Sports on Freeview

If you’re eager to watch all of the Sky Sports matches or you want to enjoy a range of other top-flight sporting events, you might decide that a Sky Sports subscription is the way to go. Before you sign up for a 12-month contract or a package of extra channels you don’t really want, take a look at the Top-Up options available on Freeview.

For just a few pounds a month, Freeview viewers can access paid-for channels with no subscription at all. With Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 amongst the options available, sports fans can gain access to these top channels without the need for extra contracts or satellite dishes. In fact, all you’ll need is your trusty Freeview box and a short-term subscription to your chosen channels.

Upgrade Freeview Today

Whether you’re an avid sports fan or not, there are numerous ways to upgrade your viewing options. In addition to viewing sports channels via Freeview, you can subscribe to other paid-for services, such as Netflix, Prime TV or Now TV, when you upgrade to Freeview Play. However, the option to use paid-for TV services isn’t the only advantage that comes with Freeview Play. With a variety of extras, you can access a fantastic range of top quality entertainment.

Installing a Freeview Play box at home gives you access to seven on-demand services; BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My 5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup and Horror Bites. Showing 95% of the nation’s favourite TV shows, you’ll always have something to watch when you upgrade to Freeview Play.

With so many of your favourite shows available on-demand, you’ll want to ensure you don’t miss any live action. Fortunately, Freeview Play allows you to watch, pause and rewind live shows, so you can enjoy them in your own way.

If you run out of time, don’t panic. You can also record shows via Freeview Play and watch them in your own time. Choose a Freeview Play box with a multi-tuner and you could even record three or four channels at the same time! With so many great shows to choose from, you’ll be surprised at how often you make use of this handy feature.

24/7 Entertainment with Freeview

Although many businesses have been permitted to re-open under new lockdown guidelines, many people are still wary about going out and about. Leisure events and venues are still in the process of re-opening, so finding the right entertainment for your family can be tricky. With Freeview Play, however, you’ll have everything you need to create your own custom entertainment zone. From movies and sports to dramas, documents and kids TV, you’ll find everything you want and more on Freeview.


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