When we are talking about interior decoration of small houses or apartments we must always keep in mind that we need to maximize the floor space or at least create a visual appearance that the space is not as small as it actually is. Creative and innovative ideas often make transforming changes to the decor of your home with very little effort. So you should make your mind believe the idea that small houses can also be very stylish and comfortable at the same time. Here are a few interior design ideas or tips and tricks that you can use to transform your home.

  1. Create an illusion of greater space in the rooms: The light in the room gets reflected more when the room is painted with light colors such as white or light blue and that will create a visual impact that the room has a greater amount of space. If you use dark colors to paint your rooms, it will not reflect light sufficiently and no matter how much lights you use it will still fail to give you that spacious effect.
  2. Use mirrors for greater reflection of light: Decorate your rooms with mirrors and if possible use large ones, but you should know where and how to place them in room. Preferably the mirrors should be placed opposite to a light source such as windows or lamps so that reflection of light is the greatest.
  3. Bring in multifunctional furniture to manage your space: Multifunctional furniture should always be a priority when you are planning to decorate the interiors of your studio apartment. For example, coffee tables with a hidden storage or a pair of ottomans which can be used as stools, tables, or for keeping your belongings inside them rather than keeping them scattered here and there in the room.
  4. Use light colored or transparent objects and furniture: To create an illusion of greater space you need to create space for light to travel. Transparent furniture serves this purpose really well and will trick your mind into believing that the room is pretty spacious. Also try to use furniture with legs rather than the ones that sit directly on the floor. 
  5. Use the walls to their full capacity: To increase the space on the floor of your rooms use your walls to furnish the rooms. You can build up furniture on the walls right up to the ceiling and it can create a spacious illusion in the room while keeping the opportunity for storage.
  6. Decorate with different kinds of lamps: Incorporate different kinds of lights and lamps such as ceiling lamps, wall lamps or ambient architectural lighting which can enhance the spaciousness of the apartment drastically. In this case, do not use big table lamps or floor lamps as they may give a crowded appearance to the room.
  7. Avoid building walls to separate different spaces: Try to build as less walls as possible to separate different spaces. Use different floor or wall colors or floor rugs to indicate different spaces in the apartment.
  8. Use plants for decoration: Small hanging plants have the ability to decorate your room in a pleasant way and also adds ambience to the room and a touch of Nature without occupying much of your space.

In addition to this you should also keep your budget in your mind always. Do not spend too much money on buying things for a small house interior design when you can have a better impact by using a little bit of your creativity and innovation. Furniture like sofa sets should also be arranged in such a way that it gives you the greatest floor space for your studio apartment.

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