SmartBuyGlasses Co-CEO David Menning Gives Speech on Trends at HK Optical Fair 2019

At the recent Hong Kong Optical Fair, conducted in early November, David Menning the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group was invited to take the stage to discuss current trends within the eyewear industry. 

The talk consisted of a fifteen-minute presentation of key trends in 2020. The audience, consisting of brands, producers and suppliers in the eyewear industry and were presented with the development of the current fashion trends and products as well as digital trends and consumer experiences. 

According to David Menning, this kind of work in the greater community is a key to being successful in global business today. At events like these, such presentations are a part of knowledge-sharing within the industry and David Menning hopes that participating in such efforts can serve as inspiration for other actors. 

“For us, at SmartBuyGlasses it is a responsibility as market leaders to demonstrate our knowledge within the industry and to share how we work with the latest brands and technology,” says David Menning. 

Leadership within business comprises many different facets. It serves as a way of providing direction and expertise to internal company stakeholders but also participating in a broader industry-wide dialogue. According to David Menning, the opportunity gave him and the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group team the opportunity to showcase their business expertise by highlighting the demand identified through the ever-popular SmartBuyGlasses websites. Collectively, the sites have over 1.5 million visitors every month and the workshop presentation gave the industry a unique glimpse into the inner dynamics of what customers are looking for in their eyewear needs in the coming months. 

David Menning continues, “Having an active discussion with our industry partners on the latest trends gives all parties the opportunity to reflect and inform their purchasing and planning decisions on product line ups for the new year” .

SmartBuyGlasses continues to seek the opportunity to provide leadership within the greater optical industry and these forums are a valuable means of providing that expertise within an industry-focused occasion. 

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SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group is the world’s leading designer glasses e-commerce company. With operations across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, our portfolio of domain properties are market leaders in over 20 countries, including in the US and in Australia.


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