Many bosses are finally waking up to the reality that a company lives or dies by the performance of its employees.

65% of employees say they don’t get enough praise and recognition. Yet recognizing the achievements and contributions of your employees is key to a happy workforce. Finding the right way to say “thank you” isn’t always simple, but that doesn’t mean you can get by without it.

Below, we’re taking a look at 8 excellent employee recognition ideas to help you out.

1. Nice is Like a Box of Chocolates

One of the most classic — and simplest — ways to recognize employees is by giving a gift.

A bottle of wine or box of chocolates can go a long way toward letting an employee know you appreciate their contribution. Gifts like these don’t have to break the bank, so they can provide some big wins for employee morale without putting too much strain on your bottom line.

You can give gifts for achievements, tenure, or for meeting targets. But give often and be generous to show your employees what they mean to you.

2. One for the Cabinet

Sometimes, it makes sense to give a more lasting gift. On those occasions, it can be better to give a gift like a trophy or plaque to recognize the achievement of an employee or team.

This is also a great chance to make recognition a bit more ceremonial and personal at the same time. Presenting the award at an event really puts the spotlight on achievement, and you can use a personalized plaque or trophy to create an award with lasting meaning.

3. Raise the Roof

Let’s face it: your employees are there to make a living wage in the end.

So giving a raise is one of the most obvious and direct things you can do to show your appreciation. It’ll provide an immediate material benefit to your employee(s), and will even encourage them to work harder for you in the long run.

Of course, you probably can’t afford to use this one too often. But a raise here and there can do absolute wonders for morale.

You should also think about whether offering bonuses based on company or individual performance might be a good move for your business.

4. Central Perks

Modern employees look as much to their benefits as to their wage when they evaluate a job. By offering other intangibles, like perks and rewards, you can show recognition with a few morale-boosters.

For instance, consider extending an extra day off per year, above and beyond your employees’ allocated leave. Or you could let them leave a little earlier on a Friday, work more flexible hours, or

These ideas all show you recognize the hard work your employees do for you — but also that you value them as people, with their own individual lives and concerns.

5. The Big Bash

Looking for something a little more flashy? Holding an event can show employees you really care.

Employee Appreciation Day 2019 (or whatever you want to call it!) is the perfect opportunity to celebrate success, and do it in style. Take a look at some venues for corporate events and pick one that will show your employees how much you care.

Then it’s up to you to put together a way of thanking everyone. A few awards and an open bar could be all it takes to generate some positive vibes.

The best part about throwing a party is that events create lasting memories. While a gift or a word of praise won’t stick around, the memory of an event will last a lot longer.

6. Red Letter Days

Recognition isn’t all about celebrating big achievements. Celebrating your employees as people is just as important.

You can achieve this by celebrating big moments like a birthday as a team event. Not everyone will be into this, of course, but for those that are, it’s a fantastic way to blow off steam, bond as a team, and have a few drinks on the company.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, this doesn’t tie your employees’ worth into what they’ve done for you. You’re recognizing them as people first, and people who choose to help you out by working for you.

7. Socialize

Not all ways of recognizing employees are traditional. New media offers a few new opportunities.

For instance, you can recognize an individual or team achievements on your website, giving them a little bit of spotlight to talk about what they do and how they do, or just to give them praise.

You can also share achievements like these on social media. This works great if they’ve managed to achieve some visible benefit to the company or something that’s easy to explain in brief.

One of the nicest things about this is that gives other people the chance to recognize their achievements, too — like your customers who benefit from your team working hard behind the scenes.

8. Up the Chain

We’ve all been there: your team works hard to pull out a miracle, only for all the praise to mysteriously drift into the manager’s orbit and disappear. As far as the higher-ups are concerned, it’s as though your manager moved heaven and Earth alone.

Don’t be that manager. Make sure you bring your employees’ victories to your own bosses if you have them. And make sure your employees know you’re singing their praises, too.

This one might not seem as tangible as the others, but it’s something small you can do often to help your employees feel valued.

Employee Recognition Ideas that Work in 2019

Employee recognition has become more important than ever, so you need employee recognition ideas that work in 2019. As we’ve seen, combining old classics with some fresh new ideas can make it easy to acknowledge hard work and make your employees feel valued.Want to go deeper on your employee welfare? Check out some ways you can show you care about their needs.


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