SMS advertising, also known as text message marketing, is a powerful tool you can use to communicate with your customer base. Fast and easy, a well-managed SMS advertisement can get instant results and generate extra revenue.

Text marketing can turn into a spam-like annoyance if you do it the wrong way. To learn about the right method of utilizing SMS ads to make the most of your customer communication, read on! For a very useful tool that can help you implement these practices in your own business check out, We’ll share with you the best practices for this marketing technique so you can text with confidence.

What is SMS Advertising?

The text message marketing strategy is a simple concept. Customers sign up for text alerts from your business. You send them coupons, deals, reminders, and more. It’s like a loyalty program that goes straight to your repeat customers’ pockets. You’ll want to sign up for a mass SMS provider to really take advantage of SMS marketing.

You can’t send advertisement texts to random numbers, either. It’s important to follow the laws regarding text marketing, including informed consent from your customers. Advertising this program and encouraging people to sign up for the benefits will increase your customer pool to create more opportunity for willing participants.

What Should Be Included?

It’s essential to be clear about the intent of your program. Once a customer signs up, they should get a short welcome message. Explain a few details such as what program they have agreed to participate in, how many texts they might get a month, and how to unsubscribe if they wish to discontinue membership.

Setting expectations will help avoid customer annoyance in the future. Communicate that your program is voluntary and that they will only benefit from being enrolled. A good practice is to offer a free incentive for signing up, such as a thank-you coupon for a free promotional item or service.

Also important is the inclusion of a disclaimer. Let the customer know that text messaging and data rates may apply and offer a link where they can learn more. This initial message doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, but it should answer all the basic questions of the program at once.

Subsequent messages should be short and to the point. State the benefit of each text alert, and even consider using a link that sends them to your website for the immediate use of their reward. Avoid using text speak, shorthand, or any confusing colloquialisms.

When Should I Advertise?

The frequency of these programs is essential, as too many messages may start to irritate the customer. Limit your promotional texts to 2-6 times per month. Even offering a value to customers can seem like a chore if you are constantly contacting them.

Consider what time of day you contact your customers. If you sell food, for example, they aren’t likely to be responsive if they receive a deal in the middle of the night. Act on customer need by targeting meal times, or sales events at your business to increase the likelihood of an immediate response.

Always text during normal hours, regardless of your promotion. You’ll see better results and customer retention on your SMS signups if you don’t inconvenience them during unusual times of the day.

Get Started With SMS Marketing Today!

If you’re looking for an easy way to build repeat customers for your business while offering them incredible value, give text advertising a try. Many programs exist to automate your texting service, making it easy for customers to sign up on their phones and jump right into savings.

Following the practices outlined above will get you loyal shoppers who enjoy receiving messages from you. Motivating your customers with rewards through SMS advertising is a win-win situation!

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