More and more real estate professionals are asking me what they should do in social networks, how to participate and talk.

In its activity, the real estate adviser knows how to listen to their clients, understand their needs and provide solutions, through their training, experience and common sense, should keep you informed, communicate any circumstance, deliver reports, and provide suggestions, ideas, qualified opinion.

If that activity is carried to the online world, not only with clients, but with other colleagues of profession, experts in similar subjects and diverse contacts, we are participating in social media.

Therefore it is not convenient to be scared with these new terms and tools and if you adapt to the changes, participating in the same way as in real life.

If we are proactive, awake, insistent in our business, we must continue to be in the virtual world.


Be yourself (this is what I usually say in adolescence when you want to conquer a girl). Make your online participation equal to your authentic personality. Do not sell what you do, share that you are and your day-to-day experiences. And put a picture of yourself in your avatar, not a real estate logo. People connect with people, not with signs or floors.

Active listening:

It is important to share your interests, but it is more important to pay attention to the interests of others. Knowing what your network of contacts is passionate about helps you ask them better questions, get better resources and become a better adviser.


Create value! Share knowledge; identify your experience and specialty to share resources that can be of help to your network of contacts. To get information that completes your knowledge, look at social bookmarking tools such as Delicious or Digg where other people share selected articles. Search and share regularly and frequently, without fear of providing your vision and ideas.


First you have to show it before you receive it. Show respect for the work of others, even for your competence. Strive to demonstrate to your new contacts on Facebook or Linkedin that you really want to be connected to them. Do not send the same message to everyone or try to sell with a phrase. Social Media is NOT a sales tool like the cold door; it is a matter of mutual respect.


Take care of your contacts, colleagues and customers alike. Provide links and mentions without asking to be retweeted or “like” you. Connect and be friendly with customers and business managers of your environment. Encourage yourself to participate in local interest groups, volunteer for a cause in your area of influence. Show what you care about your environment, your neighbors, the people around you. Remember that real estate is local. You can also take help from any experts like My Place Realty’s Kris Thorkelson and Maryanne Thorkelson a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur whose main aim is to provide quality apartments that people can be proud to call home.


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