It will be frustrating and lost much fun if there is a sudden power failure and no proper charging device while camping in the wild.

So how can we prevent from such a situation in camping? The simplest solution would be bringing candles, flashlights, and glow sticks . All these  small kits can help you in an emergency outage. However, this simple lighting equipment cannot meet the power demand of our various  electrical appliances. If you want to deal with a hazard situation with ease, it is essential to prepare solar battery packs for camping in advance so that you are least affected in the wild. The solar lithium battery generator is a device that converts the energy of sunlight into electricity and stores it; when in use, the solar lithium battery generator will transfer the power to the appliance via DC or AC output.

DC or AC output

It is a wise choice to prepare a solar battery pack in advance for outdoor adventures, such as camping, ensuring that you will have sufficient power supply off-grid. It’s even unnecessary to

worry about running out of power, as the portable power equipment is 1500Wh, which  is powerful enough to charge 167 hours for smart phones, 30 hours for laptops, and 20 hours for 32-inch TVs. There are many kinds of solar lithium battery generators available on the market. It is necessary to choose a reliable brand when purchasing a suitable one for camping, as it will give you the best guarantee in terms of quality and after-sales service. An example, in this case, is Minmax which has been dedicated to independent technology development of battery and BMS for more than 15 years.

The portable power packs for camping of Minmax not only contains the above characteristics but also has its own unique advantages.

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The structure design of the portable power packs for camping is a portable trolley style, giving a choice to push it easily instead of carrying it all the way.

Maybe you want it to be quiet when it’s running. After all,  charging all your camping equipment during the night break to make sure they perform best the next day is a perfect idea. Equipped with a pure sine wave inverter, the Minmax portable power packs for camping ensures the quiet operation of the machine and minimize the impact of fans and fluorescence on you.

Of course, it has to be aware that the portable power packs for camping are waterproof for ensuring that it will not fail on snowstorm or rainy day, trapping you in a dilemma of no power supply.

Solar Battery

What is most reassuring is that it is equipped with a battery management system (BMS) that can realize short circuit protection, voltage control, and temperature control, especially in bad weather. Its wave AC socket provides more reliable charging for sensitive equipment, and pure sine wave inverter protects electronic equipment safely.

Having a solarlithium battery generator is a “must” in the wild – particularly if you are camping in an area, which is prone to snowstorms. Buying a portable power station will allow you to keep your electronic gadgets running.


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