Solutions in Law has over the years helped clients obtain the American visa for Irish citizens. Our company approaches visa application against a backdrop of professionalism and strategic planning. We assign a lawyer to respond to any queries you might have in the process of the application, which can be drawn-out and frustrating. The visa application process can be tedious and you might soon find yourself buried deep in the documentation and lost in all the requirements. That is why you need people with experience in all matters US visa to handle all the hard parts for you, and let the process flow smoothly.

The American visa for Irish citizens can be sought on a non-immigrant or immigrant basis. Non-immigrant visas are given to those who wish to visit the US on temporary basis. Traveling for study, for a temporary work, business exploits and for tourism fall under the non-immigrant visas. If you wish to travel to the US on a permanent basis, you will need an immigrant visa.

The application process for immigrant visas is more stringent than the non-immigrant visa, which is quite expected because the US upholds strict immigration policies. A spouse in the US can apply for a green card for you, and if you meet the legal threshold, you will be able to join them in the US. It is precarious process but thankfully, we have successfully guided many of our clients and rejoined them with their families in the US.

If you are going to the US for under 90 days, you can travel visa free under the ESTA visa waiver program. You must possess a valid electronic Irish passport in order to travel under ESTA. However, if you are traveling to the US for tourism, holiday or medical treatment, you might not be able to travel under this program. If you are ineligible, you will have to apply for non-immigrant visa. There are several types, and you will have to find one that matches your purpose of travel. If you are not privy to the different types of visas, seek legal counsel on the same and let our lawyers who are experts in immigration guide you on which visa best suits your purpose.

Applicants who are aged between 14 to 79 will have to schedule an appointment for interview in person. Applicants who fall outside this age bracket can have this application done via courier. Whether your visa has been denied or accepted will only become apparent after the interview. The interview is a very key part of the entire visa process, try and get guidance before you subject yourself to it while clueless. You must not be rude to the interviewer. Neither should you lie.

There are a lot of things that might cause your visa to be denied or prolong the wait time. One such thing is not providing enough information. The requirements for your type of visa will be given to you and you have to ensure you have all the forms and all the compulsory areas have been filled. Failing to provide a key document will make the visa waiting time longer as you will be requested to provide it. At other times, this might cause your visa to be denied. Applying for the wrong visa is yet another ground for denial. Same goes for providing the wrong information. The information you provide must be verifiable. To make the process faster and easier, we encourage our clients to provide more documents to back up the information that they have provided. If you are traveling to the US for only a short time, what is the guarantee that you will not overstay your welcome and come back to Ireland ads required? Employment, ongoing schooling, possession of key property and they like are some of the things that can show the intent of coming back. Convictions and prior deportation can hinder your chances of getting a US visa. Whenever a visa is denied, the grounds for denial are given either verbally or written. You can apply for a waiver to have the application reviewed. Contact us with your visa concerns and queries so we can promptly handle and offer expert advice in order for you to get your visa.


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