Many people enjoy playing escape games because they are very mentally stimulating and challenging. The team playing the escape game at Escape Hour has to solve a series of puzzles within the specified time of one hour, to find the information required to exit the locker room. Usually after they have solved one puzzle, the team then has to search for clues or is given another puzzle, which they should solve till they get the information required to escape the room. Every team who is playing the escape game, would like to win the game, so some tips on the puzzles they are likely to face are discussed below.

In Escape Hour the puzzles for the escape game are formulated after a lot of effort. There are different types of puzzles used in each of the escape games. Some of the puzzles are numeric puzzles, others involve simple physics questions related to speed and time. Other puzzles are word puzzles using the different characters or words to make up sentences or provide the information required to quickly exit the quest room. In other cases, the team will have to solve riddles or jigsaws so that they can exit the room within the allocated time.

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For many of the puzzles, the team members will have to work together to solve them. For example at least two persons will be required to hold the pieces together to decode the puzzle. If the team members are not able to solve the puzzle for a long time, or find that they are wasting a lot of time on a specific puzzle, they can ask the game master for help. The game master for the game is monitoring the team using the video camera installed, and will provide the clues so that they can resolve the puzzle and go to the next puzzle or exit the room.

To keep the escape room challenging, Escape Hour is changing the puzzles in each escape room periodically. Groups and individual players who have booked an Escape Hour escape room in Edmonton or Calgary and would like to find out how difficult the puzzles will be can check the Instagram page of Escape Hour. Periodically Escape Hour is posting some of the puzzles and riddles which are similar to the puzzles in the escape room. Most of these puzzles can be solved with some effort. So after solving a few of these puzzles, the team members will more confident while playing the escape game.


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