Speeding rules are completely different and firmer in the United States. Almost three-quarters of US states have a rule of “absolute speed-limit”. It means that a driver is sure to get fined if he crosses that limit either deliberately or heedlessly. Every person has to abide by the laws in United-States. Whether you’re a common man or some elite class member, everyone is bound to follow the law.  Though it is notable that the American courts do not give a punishment for a few mph above the speed limit. But, if you drive carelessly, you might land in jail for a night in America. Then even the excuse of not knowing the language or not being a resident doesn’t work.

There are some states in America where speeding rules are extremely strict and getting caught for over speeding there could become your worst nightmare. In Georgia, you can get a $1000 fine for over speeding, and they don’t even hesitate to send you to Jail for a year in case of any mishap. In Nevada, if you get fines too often, it can land you in jail for half a year. Driving 80 mph in Virginia? It can have worse results than you could ever have thought. $2500 fine and a jail sentence are what Virginia state does when someone gets caught for over speeding. In comparison, some states of America are less strict but they can take serious actions if you get fines too often. Like in Colorado, usually fine for over speeding is $30-$300 and in Montana, it ranges from $20-$100 because of fewer speed trackers.

Speeding Fines

 On average, every year in the US, one out of six Americans gets a speed ticket. It can cost almost $150 t0 $2500 depending on the state and the driving sloppiness. It may contain some additional costs too. You can calculate the average speed ticket cost by adding all the amounts. Do you know that to easily determine the fine you’ll pay, you can use a calculator to know how much speeding tickets cost in different US states? With just a few clicks, you can get a fast calculation of your ticket cost plus the extra charges, too.

When a driver gets a speeding ticket in the US it eventually increases the insurance in the US. In recent years it has been increased from 3% to 60%, with earnings of $40 million from the speeding tickets alone, in the past year. The conditions and procedure of issuance of speeding tickets vary from state to state. It totally depends on the reckless driving and non-serious behavior of the drivers.

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Some states keep issuing more and more tickets if you continue to drive hastily without noticing the speed limit. On average almost 41 million speeding tickets are issued yearly in the U.S. Laws of the speeding limit are stricter in the US as compared to those in other countries. So, not only can the issuance of fine drop a bomb on your budget, but it can also cause you to rot in jail.

Pro tip: Avoid driving at high speed near the school or construction zone. It can reduce the chances of getting fined when driving at high speed. 

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