For many people, spirituality and prosperity have no obvious connection. After all, money is the root of evil, isn’t it? Seeking to prosper may conjure images of “climbing the corporate ladder,” greed, ruthlessness, and other unattractive qualities.

But when seen from a wider perspective, prosperity in its truest sense represents a form of meaningfulness and inner harmony that goes far beyond the material. Prosperity in spiritual terms is not a single-minded focus on what you can get for yourself. It’s what comes from knowing your purpose and living it.

In The Jewel of Abundance, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian says, “As spiritual beings, we all have nudges from the infinite, glimpses of life’s greater potentials. Those nudges are life’s invitation to be the growing edge of divine love, to rise up and contribute to the evolutionary thrust for planetary awakening.”

Using Yoga To Connect Spirituality and Prosperity

We all have dreams, and when our dreams are in line with our true purpose, we will thrive. But how do we know what our true purpose is? That’s where a spiritual practice comes in. Specifically, Kriya yoga is rich with concepts and practices that can help us not only develop spiritually but prosper and find true wealth as well. One of the first sets of principles yogis encounter are the five yamas, or restraints. Briefly, they are nonharming (or kindness), truthfulness, nonstealing, right use of vital force, and nonattachment. And it’s nonstealing, Yogacharya tells us, that’s at the forefront of our ability to be prosperous from a spiritual perspective. Why? Because when we take (or think about taking) what doesn’t belong to us, we do so from a place of lack. We believe we don’t have the resources within us to follow our dreams and prosper. “Change your mind and consciousness.

from lack to abundance, and wealth will naturally follow,” Yogacharya says.

Yoga To Connect Spirituality

True Wealth Through Nonstealing—The Secret of Spirituality and Prosperity

Sutra 2:37 says, “When one is established in refrainment from stealing, all jewels manifest.” The principle of nonstealing is based on the law of abundance. Knowing that everything we need to prosper is already within us, we can begin the process of Self-realization and learn to tap into our innate potential. That is, we can begin to live the eternal way. The Kriya yoga technique gives us a head start on how to do this, starting with meditation practices. Meditation helps us hear the inner voice that has always known what we’re meant to do and how we’re meant to prosper. Over time, Kriya yoga practice eliminates obstacles to Self-realization and God-realization. Without those obstacles, we have a clear path to understanding how spirituality and prosperity.

are linked and what we must do to live with purpose so we can truly prosper. Then we will experience true wealth.

From a yogic perspective, wealth is more than material things. Yogacharya says, “True wealth is access to resources on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is the expression of a harmonious relationship with Spirit, nature, and all of life.”

The Kriya yoga meditation promises that we can learn to cooperate with divine energy, and when we do, begin to see that nothing is lacking. The universe can provide everything we need to prosper. When we learn to live in this flow, Yogacharya says, “we are transformed from someone who takes into someone who gives.” By that definition, spirituality and prosperity are inseparable.

What steps can you take to begin this transformative practice or progress on the journey? One way is to visit the Ellen Grace O’Brian website and join Yogacharya’s course, Live the Eternal Way: The Art And Practice of Self-Realization.


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