A sports reporter covering a blizzard gets millions of views.. What did he say?

Mark Woodley
Mark Woodley

While tens of millions of Americans suffer from a severe winter storm that continued to sweep across most of the United States today, Saturday, and caused snowstorms that led to power outages and the cancellation of holiday gatherings coinciding with Christmas celebrations.

Meanwhile, a video clip spread on social networks of the American sports reporter, Mark Woodley, who was asked to cover the weather after the cancellation of sporting events.

The sportscaster’s tweet garnered more than 26 million views, due to his mockery of his work during the snowstorm.

He said in one of the clips in response to the interviewer’s question to him, “Mark, how do you feel when you are there?”, To which he replied, “Again, I have the same feeling that I had 8 minutes ago when you asked me the same question.”

Mark said, “I’m usually in charge of sports but right now all those events are canceled…it’s one of the few times I’ve had to ask a sports reporter to wake up even earlier than usual and stand outside in the snow while it’s cold.”

And he continued during his speech: “I have good and bad news, the good is that I can still feel my face at the moment, and the bad is that I wish I could not!”

An unprecedented storm

The storm is almost unprecedented in its scope, stretching from the Great Lakes near Canada to the Rio Grande along the border with Mexico.

The National Weather Service said that about 60% of the US population has experienced some kind of winter weather alert or warning, and that temperatures have fallen below normal from the eastern Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains.

Freezing rain covered much of the Pacific Northwest with a layer of ice, while residents in the Northeast faced the threat of coastal and inland flooding.