Spring has sprung, meaning we can now begin to put the cold winter spells behind as the months of summer approach us. Spring is the time of year when many homeowners’ home improvements and refurb projects begin and take priority for the year, as, if you begin undergoing home renovation improvements in the spring, they will almost certainly be completed by summer. This is especially great if you perhaps want to spend more time relaxing in your newly renovated garden or conservatory during the warm summer weather.

So, with all this in mind, here are just a few spring home improvement ideas to help your home spring to life.

Repaint your walls and furnishings

Few things refresh your home more significantly than repainting your furniture and applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls and fittings. Whether you decide to give your front door and window frames a fresh coat or repaint your furniture’s table tops and legs, paint could be the key to transforming your home this spring. And while you’ve got the brush and paint out, you could go around your house and touch up any areas where the old paint is flaking or peeling off.

Transform unused corners into shelving

Installing some floating shelves or wall mounted shelving, which provide you additional storage space and an appealing look, is a simple home improvement option if you have corners in your home that you are unsure what to do with. Floating shelves will allow you to store necessities or loose items such as books, utensils, ornaments and picture frames and make use of unused corner space at the same time. It takes a little craftsmanship, but it’s well worth it to transform an empty corner into a focal point of your room.

Transform your loft into a convenient storage space

Hiding just underneath your roof, the loft is one of the most underused and overlooked spaces of any home. The loft can be transformed into an excellent storage room for all of the loose items that may be taking up valuable space in your home. However, don’t just throw all of your loose and unused items in your loft. Instead consider getting your loft boarded to transform it into an accessible and convenient storage facility.

Change up your home’s lighting

If you find yourself constantly getting sick of having the same lighting in your home, changing your lights or the temperature of your bulbs could be a great fix. Lighting in your house has the power to drastically alter the ambience, and create any mood you choose. You could even install light bulbs that allow you to change the lighting tone and warmth in each room. For example, you could have warm white light hues to create an inviting atmosphere and lighter, bright lighting for when you want to create a more energising ambience.

Have a spring clear out

If you want to be super productive and create some extra home space, why not have a good clear out and get rid of any furnishings, items and loose fittings you no longer need and swap them out for new?

Overall, there are a variety of home improvement projects that you can undertake during the spring, transforming your home ready for summer. With these ideas in mind, you can let your creativity run wild, and take the first steps on your renovation journey.

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