Bali has grown to a renowned travel destination having over 6.3 million tourists visiting each year. This has made it Indonesia’s most popular destination. One of the things that have made the country this famous is its abundance of luxury hotels.

Luxury hotels do not have set standards, and that is why a 4-star and a 5-star hotel will both describe themselves as luxury hotels. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of standard features found in luxury hotels in Bali.

Three Characteristics of Lux Hotels found in Bali

Luxury brands have also made their way to Bali. While these luxury hotels Bali are located in different parts, they do have common characteristics. Some of them include:

1. Respectful and intelligent hotel planning

Luxury hotels have made the process of reserving their rooms as simple as possible. You will also get as much help as you need when making reservations, even online.

2. Discreet, easy and fast check-in and checkout

Gone are the days where you’d have to stand in long queues to check in to a hotel. Luxury hotels have perfected the art of discreet, easy and fast checking and outs. In many luxury hotels, check-in is done by roving personnel who walk around with their iPads. After checking in, your luggage follows you to your room and takes a maximum of 10 minutes (no matter how many bags/suitcases you have).

3. Going to your room of choice

Luxury hotels in Bali also give you the exact room you booked. Most hotels will even go that extra mile and customize services to suit your specific needs. So, if you want a pet-friendly room on a high floor, allergen-free or even one with enhanced mobility, you will get it.

Free Services Offered by Luxury Hotels in Bali 

Most, if not all, luxury hotels in Bali give you free bottled water, a coffee machine and Wi-Fi. This is more so if you are part of that group of hotel’s loyalty club. You can also get access to Gym equipment, valet & parking and even childcare without having to pay extra.  

The Bathrooms

Luxury hotels in Bali have ventilation sources, a fan, two sinks (his-and-hers) and portioned private john. You will also have enough counter-space to store your things. Looking at the finishing, you won’t see chipping countertops or weathered tile or marble.

You will also see a tab that can fit at least two people and artisan or prestige toiletries that are always neither too masculine nor too flowery. Shower caps, bar soaps, a mending kit and Q-trips are always present, along with custom-made bathrobes and slippers. The towels are always made of high-quality and fluffy, and the make-up mirror will most likely have lights. You also get sufficient hooks and racks to dry all hand laundry.

The Housekeeping

Housekeeping services in luxury hotels are dependable, thorough and quiet. You will never hear of a maid that removed anything belonging to you. This includes empty bags, gift wraps, ribbons etc., without your permission. You also have nightly turndowns. The cleaning products used in luxury hotel rooms are also never heavily ammoniated, nor do they have strong perfumes. Hotels in Bali are known to use natural, non-irritating products even to clean.

What’s more, handypersons and maintenance personnel are always there at your every call. Outside workers will seldom be seen or heard but somehow manage to get their work done. It is safe to say they have perfected the art of working incognito.

The Dining Experience

All luxury hotels have a place you can go and eat and drink. The bars and restaurants found in luxury hotels in Bali are a sight for sore eyes. They all have beautiful interior designs accompanied by good music and food. Buffet services are also usually excellent, and some will even offer complimentary breakfast buffet services.


Choosing to stay in a luxury hotel in Bali is the best way to take advantage of everything beautiful Bali offers. You will be mind-blown at how efficient these hotel’s services are.

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