Staying connected can require some creative strategies to keep in touch with business contacts, friends, and family. When you’re busy, it can be challenging to keep up with phone calls, missed texts, or video meetings that take the place of in-person interactions. 

A missed connection can lead to isolation, losing relationships, or missing important business opportunities. However, playing catch-up and replying to messages that keep piling up can become overwhelming. 

Staying connected doesn’t have to stressful! Check out these five ways to be easy to reach. 

1. Virtual Meetings

This type of meeting has become more common these days. Instead of physically getting together with business associates, clients, or friends and family, online meetings have become the norm. 

If you haven’t yet jumped on board with virtual meetings, you’re missing a critical way to stay in touch! These platforms allow you to schedule an online meeting or get together with friends with a specific date and time. You can also hop on a quick instant meeting to have a quick conversation with your team when you’re not in the office. 

2. Video Messaging

Sending instant messages is commonplace these days, but not everyone uses the video messaging feature that comes with many IM apps. 

If you’re not much a typist, keeping in touch through a messaging app is easier when using the video function. You can always phone a friend, but a video message is almost as good as an in-person, face-to-face conversation when you can’t physically get together with your friends or family. 

3. Call Forwarding Service

It can be frustrating to miss a call when you’re not in the office. When working from home or en route to client meetings, a call forwarding service becomes an invaluable tool to stay easily reachable by phone. 

Choose a forwarding service that makes it simple to flip a virtual switch to send calls coming into your main phone line to your cell phone. Clients don’t have to learn a separate phone number, and they reach you every time they call!

4. Snail Mail

In an age of technology, mailing cards or letters often get left out of the communication mix! When you’re not able to connect with family or friends by phone or online, sending a note through the mail can be a heartwarming to stay connected. 

Make sure to check your mail, too! Whether it’s your office mailbox or at your home, sending and receiving mail the old fashioned way is still a great way to reach others—and make it easy to reach you, too. 

5. Texting

Sending a text is an excellent way to communicate a quick note or idea. However, good communication requires more than a text-only method of staying connected. 

Be responsive to incoming texts, then follow up with phone calls or video messages to maintain relationships!

Make the Effort When Staying Connected 

No more missed connections! Staying connected is easier when making an effort to follow these five ways to keep in touch.  We hope you enjoyed this article! Be sure to check out more of our blogs. 


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